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Henan difference fast boiler steam boiler steam boiler is a steam boiler with ordinary steam production machinery and equipment, generally used gas, or coal gas as a fuel, there are an electric steam boiler. Henan fast boiler for the inspection of the steam boiler is a steam boiler gas, fuel oil, gas, and it is common conventional steam boiler with the following differences: "steam boiler supervision norms" and the forthcoming introduction in June next year the new pot rules " boiler safety technology to monitor the specifications "are clearly defined steam boiler needs to be regulated by the state. In other words, users looking to buy a steam boiler plant boiler installation and can not be used directly. Before installation To pot seized by the approval and registration required for installation, and the need for inspection on a regular basis, usually one year during the annual inspection. But there are some of the steam boiler does not require registration and annual inspection, the old rules and the new pan pot regulations stipulate a water capacity less than 30L steam boiler is not within the scope of the surveillance. Because the water capacity of 30L water capacity than at home with a water heater are also small, so there is no risk of explosion, we do not need supervision. Henan water capacity fast boiler steam boiler 26L, belongs steam boiler does not require supervision. Steam boiler explosion hazards generated is amazing. In many steam boiler explosion in the boiler room were razed to the ground, the annual explosion of a steam boiler will be the first to cause casualties and significant economic losses. Henan fast boiler steam boiler is to achieve the ultimate, the boiler body through the scientific design, water capacity is very low, only 26L, itself, there is no risk of explosion on security. The thermal efficiency of conventional steam boiler is only 80%, while the party Henan boiler thermal efficiency of fast gas steam boiler can reach more than 93%. Henan plus energy-saving system fast boiler control systems, the actual energy savings up to 30%, running down a year could save hundreds of thousands of operating costs. The Henan fast boiler steam boiler without boiler room, an area itself is small, you can put in the basement or roof, it can also be placed directly next to the device requires the use of steam. Saving the cost of laying pipe network construction costs and the boiler room, a significant reduction in the use of the initial investment.

Fast boiler particularly strong technical team, they listened carefully to our needs and give us tailored technology solutions, from boiler production, transport to the site installation and commissioning took only 35 days time, all aspects of the deal in place, the boiler quickly it is put into use. --customer feedback

Coal-fired boilers into gas-fired boilers, there is no obvious advantage: the use of coal energy is larger proportion of the amount of primary energy, but with the continuous strengthening of energy saving policies, many of them need to be high-quality boiler transformation process, alternative out pollution is serious and complex operation of coal-fired boilers to meet environmental requirements. In situations of strong proponent of environmentally friendly low-carbon, high-efficiency low-pollution coal-fired boilers into energy-saving and low pollution emissions from gas-fired boilers, will be the inevitable trend of social development, then, after coal-fired boilers into gas, which obviously advantage? 1, first of all, the transformation of coal-fired boilers to gas boilers, can significantly reduce pollutant emissions, cleaner and more environmentally friendly. Coal itself there is a great stain resistance, coupled with the combustion process will produce a lot of smoke, but also with environmental contrary; after boiler, natural gas, ash and sulfur content is very low, smoke and dust generated by the amount little to almost nothing better achieve the environmental standards of boiler equipment. 2, secondly, after the successful transformation of the unique boiler can reduce the investment cost of more boilers, because gas-fired boiler is no need to configure a variety of desired soot blower and dust, coal boiler slag equipment, and boiler into gas after the furnace does not require much space for space-saving stacking coal space, but also saves additional auxiliary gas boiler water for dust coal boiler slag and other dust. 3, again, easier to operate gas-fired boiler, gas is transported by pipeline without having to use storage devices can be used directly in the fuel prior to combustion without the need for professional re-processing, coal boilers requires not only professional conveyor track also requires a lot of storage sites and carried out by the need to make better use of coal pre-combustion process can be. 4, after the transformation of the important benefits that reduce the labor intensity. After transformation through boiler can reduce the staff, not the entire gas boiler coal-fired boiler various auxiliary equipment, thereby reducing operator can also save the company costs more, the whole process is not simple physical strength pay.

Boilers factors leading to incomplete combustion of boiler fuel used in modern industry, not only solved the problem of conventional boilers produced by environmental pollution, but also reduce the use of coal and other resources. But its combustion products, we sometimes found to contain a large amount of combustible material, and black ash, and combustion gas contains a lot of carbon monoxide combustible components. Such a phenomenon is a typical problem of incomplete combustion. Then the factors causing incomplete combustion of boiler fuel, what does? (1) a boiler furnace temperature enough below 600 ℃, good combustion can not be established in general structure. The amount of air (2) supplied in the fuel can not meet the need for complete combustion of the combustible component. The amount of air (3) of the boiler supplied sufficiently due to mixing a bad contact, the combustion disorder. (4) abnormal accident. (5) the fuel as received too much water, the moisture of more than 45% of the fuel is difficult to ensure the normal combustion boiler. (6) the fuel particles are too large, is not conducive to the combustion reaction. (7) The reaction time is insufficient combustion, boiler grate vibration amplitude is too large, the interval is too short, short burning time. (8) much ash, ash coke particles wrapping, slow combustion, (9) a feed lot, on the grate boiler fabric layer is too thick, not gas-solid benign mixed. (10) the feed grate or thin material less heat storage capacity is not strong. Incomplete combustion of fuel, not only a waste of fuel, while the impact performance of the boiler also to some extent, so we must note that when using these factors mentioned above.