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tph boiler capacity

There has two main reasons that can bring biomass fired tph boiler capacitys pipe leakage: Chlorine Corrosion and Oxygen corrosion:

1. Chlorine Corrosion

In the long run, buying a condensing tph boiler capacity can bring any new development companies today, condensing boilers in China has been focused on the promotion and use, not only because of its ultra-high thermal efficiency, can save a substantial amount of money for the business units, also provides direction for the use of clean energy and environmental protection and rational use of our country. China has been actively exploring in terms of rational use of natural gas fuel, condensing boiler design and development but also with the times and constantly optimized. So, in the long run, the future of condensing boilers can bring any new development for the enterprise. 1, more intelligent control technology on the outcome of the current development of China's Internet technology point of view, more intelligent, more maneuverability and more users are looking forward to see. The major boiler manufacturers for research and development condensing boilers are intelligent and can be manipulated toward the direction of advance, in order to better achieve intelligent automation system control device processes. For enterprises using condensing boiler, saving human labor and simplifies operation, it is excellent. 2, pay more attention to the use of sustained stability and durability condensing technology as advanced new technology, but also to ensure continued stability and durability of the device. Although condensing boilers cost is very high, but the boiler is not a small purchase costs, the boiler can only guarantee stable for 20 years or even longer time, is excellent value for money. From the current point of view, the development process in condensing boiler technology, durability testing and lifetime heat exchanger of the boiler itself have been fully achieved and improvements. From the foregoing, we find that, over the next few years, whether in technology or quality, condensing boiler will be a higher level. Only improvements in accordance with the direction of this development, it allows users to have more trust condensing boilers, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win goal.

It depends on the calorific value of the fuel, tph boiler capacity thermal efficiency of and the enthalpy of the steam you required. Here with a formula you could calculate the amount of fuel required.

Coal occupies a large part of our energy economy, but coal brought sulfides, carbides, dust, ash and other harmful substances are also severely affected the people's living environment and ecological environment. At this stage, China's major provinces and cities in the related industries of coal fired tph boiler capacitys released specific remediation programs. By treatment of coal-fired boilers, can effectively promote air pollution control and bulk coal governance work.

Hebei Province was polluted our province, many kinds of heavy industries, heavily polluting enterprises, geographic and congenital conditions are not conducive to the spread of pollutants, and other factors lead to high emissions of air pollutants in Hebei Province.

In recent years, Hebei Province, through the management of coal-fired boilers, the "coal to gas", "coal to electricity", and many other measures to enhance the governance of the ecological environment, improve people's happiness index of blue sky. According to statistics, as of the end of October this year, Hebei province has eliminated emissions of less than 35 steam tons / hour (including 35 steam tons / hour) coal-fired boiler units 6492, a total of 12744 tons of steam, respectively, to complete the annual task of developing 96% and 95%; for the emissions amounted to more than 35 steam tons / hour of coal-fired boilers transformation process, has been the transformation of 158 units totaling 12185 tons of steam to complete the annual task of developing 70% and 95%, respectively.

Future, Hebei Province will continue to carry out renovation work on coal-fired boiler more specific details of. Through the establishment of this ledger management mode, regularly check and keep track of coal-fired boilers governance; development of special treatment programs to strengthen the "coal to gas", "coal to electricity" transformation content; relevant policies to achieve strong support and assistance encourage.

This year, the environmental protection departments in Hebei organize multiple ecological environment and comprehensive management of air pollution inspection work, as one of the key phase out coal-fired boiler inspection work has been widely attention. For no control measures, emissions exceeding the bulk coal fired boiler, remediation process according to the law or banned.

Hebei Province will further improve control efforts obsolete coal-fired boilers. The next stage will be formulated "boiler emissions of air pollutants, Hebei Province, local standards," for the local coal-fired boilers do not meet the standards of remediation and prevention measures to strengthen inspections of coal-fired boilers have been eliminated to prevent burning complex phenomenon occur.

Maintaining the environment and sustainable development is an important prerequisite for China's economic and social development. The provinces and cities in response to national policy development environment, make specific control measures, Hebei provinces and cities will also combine their own situation, the air pollution control work carried out in the end.