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Distributor 6t Industrial Boiler Brand

Free supervisory inspection Horizontal large-tonnage gas steam distributor 6t industrial boiler brand introduced today for taking the time to share with a new product, this product is a horizontal large tonnage gas, gas steam boiler, the boiler then this what good is it? Then share with you. Speaking of steam boilers am sure you will think, need to complete the formalities, inspection, inspection, and so on more complicated things, but our latest development of this boiler does not need to complete the formalities, no acceptance, no need inspection, not with the government every year department to deal with. Operation is very convenient, as long as the mesh inside the fuel fill it, the other is automated instrument equipped with a valve on the boiler, sub-cylinder, Sheung intelligent control box, blower, Fan there economizer . Free acceptance Horizontal 0.5 tons of steam boiler pressure to reach 10, the field of application is very extensive.

Low-temperature mode, i.e. the output 24 hours 50 ℃ (or selected water temperature), when the desired temperature, the distributor 6t industrial boiler brand is stopped, while below the set temperature, the boiler is turned on.

Natural gas distributor 6t industrial boiler brand flue gas temperature requirements? Normal exhaust gas temperature of the boiler in about 180 ℃, the higher the exhaust gas temperature is low thermal efficiency of the boiler. Fast side gas produced advanced condensing boiler technology is added, the high temperature flue gas condenses, releasing heat again, while the exhaust gas temperature is also reduced, the following may be less than 120 ℃. From the energy point of saving money, it advocates the use of condensing gas boiler, energy-saving than ordinary gas boiler about 30%. Now there is no national regulations on exhaust gas temperature, gas-fired, but the above explanation, you know, the lower exhaust gas temperature, flue gas heat utilization fuller, higher fuel efficiency, higher thermal efficiency of the boiler, and finally to save energy to save money.

Around the low nitrogen emissions and thermal efficiency of the distributor 6t industrial boiler brand regard, Jiang Zuojun, who are very interested in the company's showroom will watch the animated presentation, could not help nodding in approval, other fast boiler in a variety of achievements in the industry made a lot of money and gave high praise and affirmation. Subsequently, a pedestrian visited the lab to clean the boiler group, for the constitution and the implementation of the Group's research laboratory work was questioned and understanding.