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Henan gas boiler by techniques which optimize the effect of reduction of Henan gas boiler, i.e. the part of each combustion system design, heat exchanger components and control system can improve the boiler efficiency optimization techniques combined together, will be the maximum It may improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler, so as to achieve energy saving. 1. Using burner head premix metal fibers. First, natural gas and air through the venturi tube to achieve optimum mixing, the mixed gas is combusted in the combustion surface of the first woven fibers made of special alloy, burning more fully, more thorough, flame generation is extremely short, so the required combustion small room space, so a premix burner Henan gas boiler more compact. Secondly, when the premix type burner flame color is blue, the flame temperature of about 1000-1100 degrees, ordinary blower burner flame temperature greater than 1300 degrees, and the oxygen and nitrogen in the air from the start of the reaction is about 1200 deg.] C, A vigorous enhanced from 1500 ℃. Therefore, NOx emissions is much lower than condensing furnace blast other common boiler burner. Further noise premix burner produces approximately 40-72dBA, the blower noise generated by the burner is high 80-100dBA. A flexible metal fibers also avoid the generation of thermal stress of combustion head, extending the service life and maintenance intervals burner head. 2. Henan new gas-fired boiler using heat transfer enhancement of heat transfer tubes. In order to reduce exhaust gas temperature, the condensing effect is achieved, increasing the heat transfer area of ​​the heat exchanger must element, it should not be construed to simply increase the volume of the device to increase the heat transfer area. But should be reasonably increase the heat transfer area per unit area of ​​the device, and high thermal conductivity, and is corrosion resistant heat transfer tubes. 3. flood capacity design makes operation more sustainable, start and stop times smaller. Significantly reduced consumption and emissions. 4. Application of PVC exhaust pipe. Since conventional boiler flue gas temperature above 150 degrees, the chimney must be made of steel, but also the use of prefabricated chimney insulation layer stainless steel in some cases, the cost per square meter of the chimney 1600-1800 dollars, the cost is very expensive. Henan gas boiler due to lower exhaust gas temperature, standard PVC pipe may be used as exhaust pipe, the boiler is greatly reduced additional installation costs. 5. Henan gas boiler provided with the water receiving tray collected condensate, and the condensate and treatment before discharge. During condensation of gases and fly ash and soot fraction of the flue gas is dissolved in water, reducing the harmful substances discharged into the atmosphere. 6. The controller comes selection ratio control system and having a sound and timing of the operation mode. Fast and accurate continuous tracking load changes, to achieve good time-heating function.

Environmental rustons company that manufactures steam boilers want to adapt to the market must improve quality! Steam boiler comes to environmental protection, I think it is for the general public is still relatively unknown. But for some industrial enterprises, steam boilers are household names, the steam boiler is a necessary tool for high temperature operation, can help workers in the industry. To accomplish this, now, the steam boiler is also applied to various fields.

10 tons of industrial rustons company that manufactures steam boilers market price is how much: 10 tons of industrial steam boiler market price is how much? Industrial steam boiler plant needs are great, the majority of more than 10 tons. Therefore, for the industrial plant it is a big sum of expenditure. For manufacturers, it must go through a detailed comparison of before purchasing. There is a chance, to manufacturers to conduct field investigation is necessary. In this regard, after the industrial manufacturers for preliminary screening, to how much fast boiler Consulting 10 tons of industrial steam boiler market price. After this, the pre-sales engineers fast boiler manufacturers were detailed understanding of the industry, that the plant uses 10 tons of industrial steam boiler is possible. Prices in the current market is about 100 million. After this, the pre-sales engineers fast boiler manufacturers were detailed understanding of the industry, that the plant uses 10 tons of industrial steam boiler is possible. Prices in the current market is about 100 million.

As the only fast boiler boiler manufacturers, we were invited to participate in this event. The conference has invited one of the advocates of Tsinghua Academy of low-carbon development executive vice president Li Zheng, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Tsinghua University, China Environmental Engineering disciplines - Jiang Yi, vice chairman of the European Society of HVAC ManuelGameiro, Many sophisticated scholars in the Beijing Institute of architectural design Co., Ltd. VENTILATING Chief Engineer, China Academy of building Science and Technology Xu Wei, chief engineer specializing in HVAC and other fields. Report of the meeting theme is clear, rich content, covering industry hot issue, aroused heated discussions delegates.