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Electric boiler manufacterer company bd automatic shutdown of the reasons? 1, when the electric boiler system has a shortage of water, electric boiler will automatically shutdown. This can effectively prevent the occurrence of the phenomenon of dry, if the furnace food warmer water boiled away, there is no timely shutdown, it is easy to damage the boiler. 2, when the circulating pump fails, does not work properly, shutdown reason? Electric boiler will automatically shutdown. Water in the system will no longer continue to cycle, if there is a spare pump in the installation of the boiler, can be manually turned on spare pumps, electric boilers electric boiler automatically so you can continue to work during the overhaul, it also will not affect the normal operation of the system . 3, the heating furnace tube rupture or explosion occurs when the tube is like, electric boiler is not working, will promptly shutdown, power failure. To prevent the danger, the heating tube should be promptly replaced. 4, if the power electrical components of the boiler problems, electric boilers will alarm, automatic shutdown, if the line work, it is easy to endanger the lives and safety of staff.

Three Notes on using hot water boiler manufacterer company bds: hot water boiler is of a common heating equipment in particular is increasingly widespread application in the northern region of our country, in the installation only to ensure strict compliance with the relevant rules of measures installed to be able to make the installed Better results. Correct use of hot water boiler child can avoid a series of unnecessary harm them, to ensure the safe operation of the boiler and physical security personnel, Xiao Bian tell you about the following three considerations using professional hot water boiler, to help you a better understanding of the use of hot water boiler. First, pay attention to the way Sheung Shui Sheung Shui way is an important way to ensure the safe operation of the hot water boiler. Therefore, when the return pipe Sheung note inlet valves closed, the circulating pump and then the pressure was adjusted to an appropriate range resumed into the water. After the water level in the boiler system water injection is completed and then adjusted to a normal situation, it will be able to ensure ease of use of hot water boiler performance full play. Second, attention must be checked before ignition for each boiler auxiliary equipment to be checked before ignition hot water boiler, in particular need to pay attention to whether the valve is open and reliable, so as to ensure smooth water circulation inside the boiler, to avoid clogging the vapor pressure is too Big.

Since the occurrence of Zhangjiakou City, February 28th a tragic accident 15 tons of biomass boiler manufacterer company bd explosion (caused 3 dead 7 injured), Hengshui High-tech Zone Branch of monitoring the quality of the region's rapid convening of an emergency boiler safety special rectification will deploy a total of more than 60 home boiler unit, install the unit to participate.

At the meeting of the relevant provisions of the "Special Equipment Safety Act" Publicizing a comprehensive and read the "Hengshui City High-tech Zone boiler special rectification action plan", will use a month's time, carry out a comprehensive risk investigation to ensure the region's security boiler . Special Inspection Branch of the provincial hospital Hengshui boiler room main person in charge of inspection requirements for boilers and risk points were explained in detail.

The meeting stressed that all units should deeply learn boiler explosion safety lessons from the accident occurred recently around the country, and continuously enhance the sense of responsibility, strengthen risk awareness, problem seriously put their own problems and routine regulatory inspection found hidden in a timely manner rectification, study and solve countermeasures. To step up publicity on the one hand, and the regulatory authorities to supervise boiler unit to improve the system and strengthen the boiler safety training to improve skills of workers boilers, prevent illegal operation; on the other hand, vigorously promote the special equipment and boilers and other laws and regulations use common sense, use boilers to improve safety awareness, enhance self-awareness and self-protection ability of the masses. By month renovation, so security was tubes, equipment information, personnel documents, maintain dimensional record. Meanwhile, the number of law enforcement agencies to investigate and punish illegal cases, the exposure of some illegal businesses, education, warning a number of luck in the use of units, and strive to create "Care for life, concerned about security," a good social environment.

Factors affecting the heating effect of the gas hot water boiler manufacterer company bd is generally in the heating business, residential, and common to the gas hot water boiler, heating is not hot but often a series of phenomena in the course of their heating, affecting the normal production and life, then factors affecting gas hot water boiler heating effect of exactly what does? (1) boiler circulating pumps and other auxiliary equipment related to the actual boiler operating conditions do not match, such as a series of small flow phenomena, which can lead to a large number of users not been able to get heat. (2) occurs in the boiler during operation of boiler failure or untimely maintenance, reduced fouling thermal efficiency of the boiler also affect the heating effect. (3) poor material boiler pipe network, congestion, the length from the heating, will affect the layout nodes boiler heating effect. Improper (4) operating fireman, boiler operation does not meet the reasonable operation state or regional building layout heating boiler also affect the heating effect of the gas hot water boiler. Of course, there are many specific factors, during boiler operation in the investigation and the reasons timely and reasonable adjustments to ensure its safe and efficient operation.