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2t Diesel Steam Boiler Dealer

In fact, the boiler module does not refer to a type of boiler, it refers to a new type of boiler use. Small footprint by multiple parallel small boiler power together, joint control, used in some construction in the city's shopping malls, hospitals, hotels and other small areas. So why do these places have chosen to use "boiler module" mean?

ASME is referred to as "the American Society of Mechanical Engineers", mainly dedicated to the development of machinery industry standards, and was recognized by most countries in the world. Get ASME certification is fast boiler and pressure vessel products to the international market, the only way to obtain a certificate issued by ASME and stamp means getting the products exported to international market, "pass."

2. The cement kiln waste boiler is small size, low steel consumption and less air leakage.

3. This type of waste heat boiler is high efficient, safe and stable in the operation, and anti-abrasion.

2: Temperature for 2t diesel steam boiler dealer efficiency:

(1) the outside temperature differences in the winter and summer will be 20-50 ℃, affect the industrial boiler exhaust gas temperature 10-30 ℃, the impact on the steam boiler efficiency shall be 1% -2%. The difference between day and night will be around 10 ℃, affect the steam boiler exhaust gas temperature shall above 5 ℃, the impact on boiler efficiency shall around be 0.3%.