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central heating water boiler for residential

3, to facilitate maintenance needs

In addition, another company for industrial steam boilers requirement is that, if there are problems to be easy to check and repair. At present, the market is relatively hot in several industrial steam boilers brand has the advantages of easy maintenance, such as fast boiler it, in all vulnerable parts of the boiler addition of manholes and hand holes, to facilitate post technical maintenance personnel, also enterprises can reduce maintenance costs for the boiler.

Steam boiler belongs to special equipment. Design, processing, manufacturing, installing and using the boiler must be supervised by technical supervision departments. The user can only be obtained by the use of steam boilers boiler certificate. Biasing structure is wet back of the furnace, the flue gas temperature and successively washed three second return pipe, and a chimney into the atmosphere through the chimney. Boiler equipped with a movable cover smoke before and after the boiler easy to maintain.

Using Ultraten wings condensation boiler technology has greatly enhanced heat the heating rate; silicon alloy material design to achieve the depth of the condensing heat exchanger, high efficiency, high heat transfer speed. "APH the T7" ready to use the factory mode, the system design is simple and clear, i.e. security that is used, the best burner performance debugging the factory, the user can simply set up at the installation site, connected to gas, water, to a flue , it covers an area of ​​greatly reduced.

Premix combustion ratio of air and gas can be controlled within the range, the mixed gas to ensure excess air ratio between 1.2-1.3, both to ensure full combustion of the fuel, but also to reduce the formation of nitrogen oxides, the boiler reduce the heat loss .