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After reducing the temperature of the boiler grants company feed water, steam temperature but increased, what is the reason? Boiler feed water prior to delivery to the boiler, previously heated, can improve the boiler efficiency to a large extent. By high pressure feedwater heaters, water temperature greatly increased. There are two types of feed pump: pumps in front of the heater to the heater is referred to as a low pressure, after the pump at a high pressure heater called a heater.

Fangkuai Boiler has more than 200 after-sales service outlets across the country. Each after-sales service outlet is equipped with a professional boiler grants company technical engineer, providing 24-hour emergency repair services, and has sufficient spare parts and wearing parts all year round, convenient. Customers change in time.

Gas waste heat recovery system process

ZG Boiler manufacturer in China since 1945, which is one of the world leading suppliers for process gas waste heat recovery systems (PGWHRS) and have been supplying high temperature and pressure waste heat recovery systems for more than 40 years.The group's vast experience and engineering know-how together with unique design features have been given a well earned distinction of being the world's leading and most proven and experienced manufacturers in process gas waste heat recovery boiler systems.

We state a gas hot water boiler grants company heating surfaces is a criterion to look at the cases where the replacement part of the boiler.