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Hot Selling 8t Boiler Tajikistan

The normal shutdown operation of the hot water hot selling 8t boiler tajikistan is to stop the supply of fuel, stop the supply of air, and then stop the induced air, but it is not allowed to stop the circulating water pump when the boiler outlet temperature is lower than 50 °C.

Shandong Mining Group in the six months after the hot selling 8t boiler tajikistan use, users submit a report to our company, our company started in 2017 using WDR0.5-0.8-Ⅱ electric fast Boiler Co., Ltd. of heating steam boiler. Large output, stable and reliable, high degree of automation, simple operation, do especially in terms of security is in place. After-sales service is very timely response to our technical consulting reply quickly and accurately. Whether it is party party products or fast fast service. My company is very satisfied. --customer feedback

14 MW WNS condensing gas-fired hot selling 8t boiler tajikistan for universityRemin University of China is the first newly established formal university founded by the Communist Party of China. It is a comprehensive research-oriented national key university with humanities and social science as the mainstay. Until September 2017, the school has 3,315 teachers and 22,749 students. Facing such a large group, domestic water and heating in winter are very serious and ignorable projects. Through the bidding activities, three 14 MW WNS condensing gas-fired hot water boilers and two 6 tph WNS condensing gas-fired steam boilers of Zozen Boiler were successfully awarded. For this series of boilers, Zozen Boiler adds condenser to the end of flue, which can recycle the flue gas and increase the thermal efficiency of the boiler to more than 98%, thus save operating costs.

Chemical gas hot selling 8t boiler tajikistan 4 tons the amount of how much natural gas: Chemical how much gas boiler 4 tons of natural gas amount? 4 tons of natural gas steam boiler at run-time, one hour 0.92 / 8600 = 303 after 240 million cards / gas consumption. Square flash boiler and a new cooling technology, the installation of flue gas condenser, improved softening tank water temperature to achieve a 10% saving. The thermal efficiency of 100% or more. Therefore, in theory, natural gas boiler 4 tons per hour of gas consumption is 303-303U, 0.1 ~ 272.7m. Even already know the chemical plant four tons of natural gas, gas boiler may be blurred in the algorithm.