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pressure 0.7-1.6mpa rice husk fired boiler

Installation of fuel gas-fired pressure 0.7-1.6mpa rice husk fired boiler safety valve safety valve is one of the important requirements of the protection device fuel gas-fired boiler, boiler user is necessary for proper installation of the safety valve. Following small talk to the fuel gas boiler safety valve installation points: (1) greater than the rated 0.5t h fuel gas boiler / evaporator, at least two safety valves installed; equal to or less than the rated evaporation 0.5t / h fuel gas-fired boiler, at least install a safety valve. The separable exit of the economizer, steam superheater outlet of the safety valve must be installed. (2) safety valve should be mounted vertically at the highest position boiler drum, collection tank. Between the valve and the drum or header, not equipped with access to the steam outlet pipe and the valve. (3) have lever-type safety valve means for preventing movement of the self-weight and deviant restriction lever guides the spring loaded safety valve should lift and handle means for preventing movement of the adjustment screw is screwed lightly. (4) The rated steam pressure less than or equal to 3.82MPa boiler safety valve throat diameter of not less than 25mm; the rated steam pressure is greater than 3.82MPa boiler safety valve throat diameter of not less than 20mm. (5) safety valve boiler tubes, which cross-sectional area not less than the cross-sectional area of ​​the valve inlet. If several valves installed together with a short tube directly connected to the drum, short tube passage area not less than 1.25 times the area of ​​all the exhaust valve. (6) safety valve should normally be installed exhaust pipe, exhaust pipe should be through a safe place, and there is sufficient cross-sectional area to ensure the smooth flow of exhaust. Safety valve exhaust pipe at the bottom should be fitted to the safe location of drainage pipe, the exhaust pipe and drainage pipe not allow the installation of the valve.

How to select the right steam pressure 0.7-1.6mpa rice husk fired boiler? The newly established company will initially invest a lot of money to buy a steam boiler, often to buy what kind of steam boilers and worry in the case of funds not worry. So we simply talk about the issue to buy a steam boiler must be noted. The first item to note is rated evaporation, evaporation rated companies choose how much of their own business should be based on demand. For example, small companies need a large amount of steam was selected Rated evaporation of steam boilers, steam produced simply used up, it can only be a waste of money. For a lot of steam, but choose a small amount of evaporation of the boiler, the steam for less than the final result, it can only be used to add a new boiler or boiler, the final cost so much better than a place to directly select the appropriate high boiler. The second parameter is the thermal efficiency, a good addition to the rated boiler evaporation also need to have a large amount of high thermal efficiency, many companies chose to pursue cheap inefficient boilers will be very affordable in the short term, but over time will find efficiency low fuel consumption is also high boilers, steam production unit of fuel is very low, so that over time will be very loss. The third parameter is the rated steam pressure, not to say that as long as the boiler to produce steam on the line, with the steam vapor is still a difference, every business has a standard steam of each enterprise. Take the power plant, the steam turbine power plants require much pressure steam are all required, if the pressure is too high can damage the steam turbine plant, if the pressure is too low may not move at all with a steam turbine. Therefore, the appropriate choice of rated steam pressure is very important. The fourth parameter is the nominal steam temperature, steam pressure and rated Similarly, the selection of nominal steam temperature of the steam boiler must be based on the needs of steam equipment, steam equipment How high temperature steam, the steam boiler should choose appropriate rated steam temperature.

Third, the "soot blowing" effect on the safe operation of the pressure 0.7-1.6mpa rice husk fired boiler

To the sootblowing gas boiler may cause a negative pressure boilers, steam temperature, steam pressure, load fluctuations of the water level, but not the same impact soot-blowing of the boiler bring different heating surface, in response to these process sootblowing parameters strengthen View. On the impact of boiler soot blowing, in the following areas:

1, sootblowing have been affected for the stability of combustion, soot blowing in the process should strengthen the monitoring of combustion.

2, at low load operation and combustion instability, can not work sootblowing; simultaneously, so that the heating surface cleaning sootblowing, increased heat absorption, thus making the exhaust gas temperature is lowered.

3, since the sootblowing furnace pressure fluctuations result, a large negative pressure should be maintained in the furnace to prevent soot blowing to take pressure.

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