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Boiler Water Level Indicator fault how to do (1) such as distributor industrial 8t boiler ukraine drum level table has a damaged: damaged door closed water table level immediately, valve open its doors hydrophobic. With another drum water level meter to monitor the normal water level in the drum. Take urgent measures to repair or replace damaged water gauge. (2) Drum Level two tables are damaged, but the boiler feed water automatically, water gauge differential pressure within one hour and the front drum level table has proofreading, confirmed that the correct and reliable, with reference to the feed water and steam flow meter instructions, continue to run for 20 minutes. In both cases, the squad leader should report the value of long, to maintain the stability of the boiler load, and to take urgent measures to replace the drum level table. (3) If the two tables are damaged drum water level, water level gauge while the differential pressure is unreliable operation, should the emergency shutdown process.

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Practice 1 steam distributor industrial 8t boiler ukraine, a monthly gauge of the trap should be washed once, check the pressure gauge is working normally and accurate. 2, coping backup water supply equipment (such as steam Chu, the water injector) once a week commissioning, ensure its good operating order. 3, each class should check the induced draft fan, grate and other bearing grease, the timely supplement. 4, during operation of the boiler should be checked regularly blower, induced draft fan, water pump and other functioning of the grate. 5, during operation of the boiler, you should always check the boiler manhole, hand hole and whether there is abnormal leakage pressure parts deformation. 6, during operation of the boiler should be checked regularly blower, induced draft fan, water pump and other functioning of the grate. 8, Stokes boiler, the boost, induced draft fan should be ventilated for 5 minutes, the remaining fuel gas discharged in the furnace and the flue. 9, should be carried out regularly sewage water level is low at high load, so that each sewage water level drops about 30 to 50 mm. 10, an exhaust valve should be manually test once a week, to prevent the valve body and the valve seat sticking, to ensure safety valve sensitive and reliable. 11, the boiler stoked speed should be slow, up to fire the furnace from a cold operating state for not less than 1--2 hours, the pressure from the fire furnace to the operating state can not be less than 0.5 hours. 12, each class should be 12 times the sewage regularly to ensure water clear, accurate, and reliable. The water level in the range of normal water level should not exceed ± 40 mm. 13, put into operation before the boiler, boiler respond, safety accessories, water supply equipment, blowers and other equipment to conduct a comprehensive examination, confirmed normal, to start boot. 14, each class should remove fouling in the boiler, wash the floor, wipe boilers, pumps, fans and other fouling, grease on the equipment, the boiler room to keep clean and civilized production. 15, during boiler operation, must closely monitor the water level, pressure and combustion conditions, the right to adjust various parameters, once per hour record run. 16, pressure fire during the night, there should be someone on duty. Check the pressure level is normal, the check whether the furnace is off or re-ignition seam so on. 17, when the supply of external steam boiler, should open the sub-cylinder, the steam trap pipe to drain the condensed water, and then slightly opening the steam supply valve heating pipe, and finally a large opening for the steam outside the steam supply valve.

Natural water, very pure even seemingly clear tap water contain various dissolved salts in which calcium and magnesium salts. That is the hardness of the material, it is causing a major source of steam distributor industrial 8t boiler ukraine fouling. Due to the scale of great harm to the steam boiler, thus removing the hardness, the primary task is to prevent fouling of the steam boiler water treatment, dosing treatment may be achieved by chemical treatment outside the pot or pan.