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Dealer Steam Boiler 6t Kyrgyzstan

Common energy-saving technology Boiler (b) - after the use of energy-saving Condensing boiler waste heat recovery boiler technology, the second conventional technology is condensing heat recovery technology, the aim of increasing the thermal efficiency of the boiler, the condensed water recycling. Conventional boiler, the exhaust gas temperature is relatively high, the water vapor in the flue gas under an overheated state, latent heat of evaporation loss is inevitable. In response to this phenomenon, the use of a condensing heat recovery technology, the purpose is to reduce exhaust gas temperature, in 50 ~ 70 ℃, water vapor can be condensed into liquid water, thereby releasing the latent heat of vaporization, sensible heat using the premise that the boiler next, can also take advantage of this part of the latent heat of vaporization, to enhance the thermal efficiency of the boiler 10% to some extent, while the condensed water can also be recovered and utilized, it can be said to serve two purposes. Also whether for industrial boilers or high energy-consuming enterprises, boiler, when the boiler is performed, this is undoubtedly improve the thermal efficiency, reduce operating costs, one of the effective energy-saving technologies.

Beiqi Panther car 6 tons of steam condensing one fuel gas dealer steam boiler 6t kyrgyzstan project has been successfully completed. This series boiler adopt advanced design concepts, using the waste heat of flue gas cascade, with the use of the condenser and the economizer fully absorb the waste heat in the flue gas, the boiler efficiency has been greatly improved.

Benefits of horizontal biomass boiler system

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Third, the election technology

A good electric boiler should be heat power and fuel efficiency should be high, and the insulation effect, security, operating system, and many have good sense experience.