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aac block making formula

Fast aac block making formula is committed to the development and manufacture of clean fuel boilers more than 20 years, annual investment of more than 5% of turnover on research and development of new technologies and new products; and production technology, enterprise system, workshop management have formed a relatively complete system and accumulated a rich experience, has become a priority choice for customers in mind.

In the fierce competition in the market, fast aac block making formula adhere to "not forget the early heart, sustained ingenuity" of the faith, taking the long view, establish and improve a comprehensive overall solution, leading to control market trends, improve the environmental performance of the boiler, make unremitting efforts to build China clean boiler brand.

Commonly used types of gas introduced gas aac block making formula gas boiler using gaseous combustible gas (including liquefied flammable gas) as fuel, gas boiler there are few gas several small series simply lists the moment: 1, LPG (LiquefiedPetroleumGas): LPG main components: propane and other components: butane, ethane, 2, LNG (LiquefiednaturalGas): the main component of natural gas: methane, ethane, a small amount of gas 3, the gas composition is more complex gas heating value of about 3000-4000Kcal / Nm³4, air mixed gas (LPG-aIR) liquefied petroleum gas and air mixture, the heat value of about 9000-10000Kcal / Nm³ heat value comparison: LPG> mixed air> gas> gas economic degree: gas> gas> mixed air> LPG

For 2 tph natural gas fired aac block making formula

The gas consumption of a 2 ton gas boiler is closely related to technical parameters. Such as the heating surface layout, insulation effect, heat loss, water capacity and so on. Gas consumption of 2 ton gas boiler = 2 ton natural gas boiler output ÷ heat efficiency ÷ natural gas calorific value = 1200000 Kcal ÷ 0.958 ÷ 8600Kcal / m³ = 145.65 m³/h