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2t Industrial Seller Boiler Plant

Chinese hot water 2t industrial seller boiler plant series of parameters are: rated thermal power 0.1-116MW, allowable working pressure 0.4-2.8MPa, rated water temperature 95-180 ℃. Low pressure hot water boiler for his work without the supervision and control of water level, so its structure is simple, easy operation and maintenance, ease of manufacture. But there are some special problems of work: hot water boiler must ensure that no vaporization occurs, in order to avoid water hammer; internal and external corrosion oxygen acid corrosion of Low Temperature more serious; sudden power outage, the pot water flow generated by vaporizing Wait. These issues must be considered in the structural design of the hot water boiler, manufacture and operation maintenance.

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Boiler by the 2t industrial seller boiler plant equipment components which mainly consists of the following major components: 1, "Pot" includes drum, headers, downcomers, water wall tubes. Their role is to heat water into saturated steam. 2, "furnace" (combustion apparatus) includes a combustion chamber (furnace), the burner grate and the like. Their role is to provide a venue for the fuel and good combustion conditions. 3, the header of the superheater tubes and serpentine, the action of saturated steam is superheated steam heated to the desired temperature. 4, the steam reheater section done work in the high pressure turbine cylinder reheated to the desired temperature, then returned to the low pressure turbine to continue acting cylinder. 5, using the economizer heating surface of the heating flue gas waste heat boiler feed water. 6, using the air preheater flue gas waste heat air-fuel combustion heating surface needed. 7, consisting of a shaped furnace wall and the furnace flue. 8, the framework (steel) and the support structure of the above-described apparatus components.

Note purpose and turbine operating in parallel: there are two or more than two parallel conveying gas turbine operating in parallel to the same named pipe. Objective parallel operation is possible to increase or decrease the number of operating wind turbine to accommodate a wider range of 2t industrial seller boiler plant flow regulation, both to ensure the economic operation of each device, and not because of an accident in which a piece of equipment outage caused by the master. Another fan also avoid a single run, a huge fan structure, high cost of equipment, manufacturing difficulties and other issues.