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electric laundry water boiler

First, the total price gas hot water electric laundry water boiler of 10 t equipment first determine which device contains total price 10 tons of low nitrogen gas hot water boiler included:? Several parts host, auxiliary equipment, installation costs, freight and so on. Auxiliary boiler may comprise the following configuration: electric heating, burners, pumps, instrumentation, valves, grate, blower, fan, filter, chimneys and the like. Different manufacturers, different modus operandi, the material chosen different furnace configuration is different, so prices vary. Which hosts relatively fixed costs, the cost depends on the level of auxiliary equipment configuration, installation and shipping costs to manufacturers and negotiate.

Pressure hot water electric laundry water boiler For normal operation, the required energy from different fuel, then depending on the fuel pressure hot water boiler can be divided into what type it? 1, electric water boiler electric water boiler capable of maintaining a pressure of the hot water boiler, heat energy as electric power, equipped with a dedicated temperature sensor and intelligent control system, circulation regulation system may be formed. Precise control and adjustment of the running by the boiler water temperature changes constantly collected, in order to achieve the purpose of automatic and energy-saving effect of the thermostat. 2, gas hot water boiler with the advance of "coal to gas" policy, gas boiler gradually accepted by people's perception. Gas hot water boilers use natural gas as energy pressure hot water boiler, gas hot water boiler also need intelligent control system, but the difference is that the electric water boilers, gas hot water boiler can be designed into a larger volume, more water circulation the structure, to meet the hot water needs of a larger area. 3, oil hot water boilers as the name implies, is a fuel oil hot water boiler fuel, including diesel fuel, motor oil, kerosene and other types of fuel. In many areas, higher electricity prices, natural gas is more troublesome, oil is a good choice.

A gas electric laundry water boiler comprising a monitoring system that parts (1) capture the state of various equipment and system status; and (2) control the boiler and the various actuators. State acquisition device is mainly a state of the output point of the boiler, a circulation pump status point state point and given water supply pump, as well as tanks and other equipment. State point boiler including the boiler operating state point, the state point level tank, boiler fault state point, the boiler water temperature, return water temperature of the boiler, the boiler exhaust gas temperature; circulating pump, supply pump and an electric auxiliary control valve which state point frequency devices work. State acquisition system is divided into primary and secondary sides. A water circulation system between a primary side of the boiler to the heat exchanger, the secondary side to the water circulation system is mainly refers to the end of a heat exchanger circulation system. Acquired primary side water temperature state comprises a primary side, primary-side return water temperature, water pressure on the primary side, the primary return pressure, smoke and combustion temperature and the state of the working machine tank level,; the state of the secondary side includes a secondary collection side water temperature, return water temperature of the secondary side, the secondary side water pressure, the secondary pressure backwater; an outdoor temperature collection can automatically control monitoring system according to the outdoor temperature boiler. Boiler control the various actuators and control of the main boiler and stops the control of various electric valve. The boiler room various devices, instruments, sensors, actuators and communication module line monitoring system to achieve automatic control of the boiler room by performing data acquisition and control functions of the boiler room and other field devices, safe start-stop units, reached unattended.

Since 2017, located in Changchun City, Jilin Province to accelerate the governance of coal-fired electric laundry water boilers within the city out of small coal-fired boilers remediation process. Up to now, the work has achieved initial success.

15 in the city with 20 kilowatts and above the coal-fired generating units, 13 units have ultra-low emissions; city table 292 with 20 t steam / hour or more coal-fired boilers, emission standards have reached the count 253 male , accounting for 86.64% of the proportion of the boiler with; the city built area of ​​10 steam tons / hour small coal-fired boilers 2962 units, out of a total of 29553 units, up 99.7% out of proportion, the basic completion of the national requirements out of the task.

In order to further improve air quality, improve people's living environment standards index, Changchun City by expanding the ban on burning area, improve the standard phase-out of coal-fired boilers, plans to use two years of urban 20 tons of steam / h coal-fired boiler (kiln) furnace eliminated.

By the end of 2017, the city has eliminated 20 tons of steam / hour coal-fired boilers 964 units; at the same time to speed up the central heating and (expanding) network as well as the pace of clean energy promotion, provide for the transformation of the city's coal-fired boiler control a strong guarantee.

In recent years, Changchun City, adhere to the full implementation of coal-fired boilers governance, to improve ambient air quality in Changchun City has played a positive role. 2017, good days Changchun 276 days, compared with 2013, an increase of 35 days; heavy pollution days 10 days compared to 2013, reduced by 33 days; major air pollutants respirable particulate matter (PM10) and fine particles (of PM2.5) were 78 mg / m and 46 micrograms / cubic meter, respectively, 39.5% and 37.0% decrease over 2013.