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boiler with new new technology

Major scientific and technological innovation is the State of the weighing, State of the weapon must be firmly in their hands, we must rely on self-reliance and independent innovation. - Xi Jinping December 14, kicked off at the Third International Fair of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center at the National Convention. As China's first international "double hit" Expo theme show to the world maker culture: power generation, focusing on innovation! Fast Boiler Co., Ltd., Henan Province, to participate as an outstanding representative of the exhibition, at the provincial delegation of the booth, the party fast low nitrogen product model boiler with new new technology and remote monitoring system is placed at the front, leaders at all levels attach great importance to the domestic foreign passengers .

2, to achieve emissions control process

Now the market a low nitrogen gas boiler exhaust gas when the air and the combustion gases to achieve a separate process, and a low nitrogen boiler control can effectively be adsorbed and nitrogen purge, gas is discharged through a low nitrogen into nitrogen gas boiler very low levels. The low-nitrogen exhaust gas treatment technology and integration boiler, can effectively improve the efficiency of the boiler low nitrogen, low nitrogen to ensure the safety and reliability of the boiler and the actual energy environmental effects.

In strict accordance with the guidelines of operating a gas boiler with new new technology, boiler efficient operation can be achieved not only for the safe operation of the boiler is also guaranteed to avoid harm to the interests of enterprises and personnel security. Fast boiler as we conclude the following gas-fired boilers to avoid accidents safety work practices, we hope to help the boiler equipment, boiler safety away from the accident.

The "pot" in a hot water boiler with new new technology is a steam-water system. Its main task is to attract the heat from the fuel collection, to heat the water, to evaporate, and finally to become superheated steam with certain parameters. It consists of economizer, drum, drop pipe, header, water wall, superheater and reheater equipment and its connecting pipe and valve.