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package laundry steam boiler

Process cycle gas package laundry steam boiler and hot water circulation pump gas steam boiler with a heat exchanger can be achieved bathing and heating dual function. Natural circulation gas steam boiler, inlet and outlet are taken over from the top of the drum, the water from the water distribution pipe guide and drop into the front side lower header pipe, through the waterwall tubes heating rise. The front drum, rear end plate is provided with impermeable boundary falling rising flow, only the lower half of the drum cross-impermeable partition plate. For the forced circulation, the water access to the front end of the lower header, the front drum increases to upper waterwall tubes (waterwall downcomer Cancellation time), and then transferred to the waterwall tubes downcomer side to side lower header, then into the side of the cloth water wall tube rose to the drum, and from the front row convection bank down to the next drum, and finally between the upper and lower drum and several circuitous flow of water from the rear end of the drum. Hot gas steam boiler by circulating hot water tank insulation circulation pump, the hot water heating cycle tank, may be achieved bath object; circulation pump for circulating water through the hot water heating conduit, through the heat sink (radiator) can reach the people heating requirements.

Lower fuel costs, reduced carbon emissions and carbon trading profits

With biomass combustion systems that meet just about any need, ZBG supplies versatile ZBG industrial biomass boilers for paper mills, saw mills, LEED Certification, retrofits, green design projects and more.

"APH T6" boiler circuit to meet the various needs, select single or series and parallel, with the use depending on the circumstances. Premix combustion technology with technology and wings, by fine adjustment control, to promote efficient mixing of gas and air, the combustion more fully, more efficient, suppressing the generation of NOx from the source. Beijing new boiler The boiler NOx emissions less than 18mg / m3, well below the most stringent in the history called "boiler air pollutant emission standards" under the implementation of emission limits 30mg / m3 of.

Gas boiler safe operation of the precautions and instructions for use: Gas Boilers Due to its high efficiency, energy saving, environmentally friendly features to be recognized, is now the production company of choice for the device, its safe operation is particularly important, how can we ensure safe and stable operation of the gas boiler it 1, gas boiler proper standard operation