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geka high pressure boiler furnace

Details on the type of the geka high pressure boiler furnace: the boiler is a boiler and the furnace consisting of an energy converter which is to use thermal energy released by combustion of fuel or other energy to the working medium of water or other fluid is heated to a certain device parameters. The main areas of application for power plant boilers, ships, locomotives and mining enterprises. So what type of boiler it?

Gas-fired steam geka high pressure boiler furnace reason as what kinds of environmentally friendly coal-fired boiler management measures as desulphurization and dust removal, gas steam boiler? Is Just do not dispose of clean water? Gas steam boilers are environmentally friendly facilities, flue gas does not need another disposal . Water purification involved, it is unclear which side are you talking about? Gas steam boiler water must pass soft water, gas steam boiler to prevent furring. If the sewage is discharged, just lower the temperature, the precipitate can be directly discharged. Therefore, gas steam boiler without environmental compliance measures.

25 T biomass geka high pressure boiler furnace for food factory

A large food processing and manufacturing company chose a biomass boiler produced by ZG boiler. This company buys biomass boilers for enterprise power generation. Because the industry in which the company is located is developed, the electricity consumption is relatively scarce. In order to produce, they decided to purchase a biomass boiler to build a self-supplied power station.

Concern the 2014 APEC summit (referred to as APEC), held in Beijing Huairou Yanqi ecological demonstration zones on November 10, multinational leaders are to attend an important meeting. The summit venue construction attaches great importance to environmental protection work. In selecting venues geka high pressure boiler furnace heating and hot water services, to the summit to make clear that emissions of nitrogen oxides boiler, perform extremely strict NOx emission standards around the venue --60 mg / cubic meter. Carefully selected, nitrogen oxide emissions technology in the international advanced level of fast Boiler become the ultimate winner. Gas hot water boiler fast boiler developed the production of ultra-low nitrogen oxide emissions, gas steam boiler, integrated condensing boiler has become the summit heating and hot water designated products.