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latent heat in boilers

1. The function of hot water latent heat in boilers in hospital

When hot water leaves the boilers, the supply pump units drive it through the heat exchangers, transmitting heat to the air and to the sanitary water. The water then returns to the boiler by means of return pump units.

Long-term use pressure hot water latent heat in boilers knows, regularly fixed on the pressure gauge and thermometer professional check to ensure parity within the validity period. Further, in order to ensure sensitive and reliable boiler safety, the operator should always flushing water table, check the temperature and water level control means. The operators during boiler operation in addition to ensure that no off-site, but also concerned about the internal and external changes in boiler to ensure safety.

Through research, ZG latent heat in boilers can produce waste heat boilers in different industries. hazardous waste and medical waste incineration waste heat boiler refer to waste heat boilers that match the hazardous waste, medical waste and other garbage differentiation equipment, and use the waste incineration equipment to export the flue gas heat to generate the rated parameter steam. The hazardous waste heat-heat boilers and medical waste heat-heat boilers developed by ZG boiler mainly have two types of water pipes and smoke pipes. According to the characteristics of the waste treatment process, the waste heat boiler plays a very important role in preventing the formation of dioxin-like harmful substances, and the waste heat boiler has good adaptability to waste incineration flue gas. After absorbing the advantages of similar boilers abroad, the patent-type waste heat boiler independently developed by Zhengzhou Boiler Co., Ltd. is the first in China, with novel and unique structure and excellent economic performance. This series of products has obtained national patents and can produce boilers with rated evaporation of 1-35t/h and rated steam pressure of 0.5-3.82MPa.

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