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coal fired hot water boiler for romania

Why choose ZG as biomass fired water tube boiler manufacturer

ZG Boiler offers Biomass water tube boiler systems for all applications. The wide variety of our product ranges successfully serve the different need of our customers and help them to increase efficiency and reduce energy cost. Considering the abundant of natural energy resources such as coal, biomass, rice husk, wood chips and others, which are available in the Southeast Asia region, ZG Boiler has developed the intelligent boiler systems that fit to the local requirements and yet provide high efficiency, energy saving, safe and environmental friendly.

Flame center condensing gas boiler of low nitrogen adjust the Q & A Q: What is the center of the flame low nitrogen gas condensing boiler? A: a low nitrogen gas fuel enters the condensing boiler furnace, on the one hand due to the combustion of fuel to generate heat so that the flame temperature rising, on the other hand endothermic condensing boiler waterwall low nitrogen gas, the flame temperature decreases. When the heat generated by the combustion of the fuel is greater than the heat absorption of the water wall, the flame temperature is increased; when the amount of heat generated by fuel combustion equals waterwall heat absorption, the highest flame temperature. A low nitrogen gas condensing boiler furnace where the highest temperature is called the center of the flame. Highly flame kernel is not fixed, but changes in operating conditions with low nitrogen gas condensing boiler is changed. For example, when the burner is divided into two rows, the upper row cast much the center of the flame on the move, and vice versa down. Q: What is the center of the flame? What impact the level of the central flame furnaces, heat exchangers? A: After the combustion of the progressive development of pulverized coal ignition, combustion heat evolved is greater than heat transfer, so that the flue gas temperature rising, thus forming a fast combustion, higher temperature region. In this area the most heat is released. This area is often referred to as the center of the flame (or burn center). Under certain excess air factor, when the shift of the center of the flame, so that the total heat reduction furnace, the furnace exit gas temperature is raised; down position if the center of the flame, increase the heat transfer in the furnace, the furnace exit gas Temperature drop. Q: Why should adjust the flame center? A: The low-nitrogen gas condensing boiler operation, if the furnace flame center deflection, will flame entire condensing boiler furnace low nitrogen gas fullness worse. One hand the furnace, rear, left, and right there is a large temperature difference between the smoke, so that uneven heating water wall, it is possible to disrupt the normal circulation. On the other hand the temperature difference caused by smoke left and right sides of the furnace outlet, that the outlet side of the high temperature furnace, etc. causes the side superheater heating surface squib, so the operation is to be noted adjust the position of the center of the flame, to be located central hearth. Q: How to adjust the flame running in the center? A: For the four corners of the burner to be arranged in the same row of symmetrical operation, no chipping, uniform output. And try to keep each combustor exit gas stream velocity and uniform load. Or the center position of the flame is changed by changing the inclination or swing down the burner secondary air ratio.

Boiler hazard factor boiler has been widely used in industrial field. However, the safety of heat transfer oil boiler has been ignored. The safety of heat exchanger oil boiler is not only related to the normal operation of the plant, but also to the efficiency of the enterprise and the safety of employees. The safety problem of heat transfer oil boiler should be paid attention to by all walks of life, and its safety problem is very important. Pot body part and stove body part. For gas-fired boilers, the pot will explode physically. For liquid boilers, the boiler body has a burning flame. In the part of the furnace, if the boiler burns coal, there will be a burning fire, and there will be a chemical explosion in the gas and fuel boilers. . A gas-fired boiler is a highly dangerous material. With high temperature, high pressure, flammable, explosive and other characteristics. In practice, due to these reasons, we may lead to some problems of negligence or illegal operation, so it is inevitable to bury hidden dangers. First of all, the safety of the heat transfer oil boiler must be ensured. In the use of the equipment, it is necessary to check the equipment regularly to ensure that the heating system of the heat transfer oil boiler is in a good state, and that there is no problem in checking the wall and the pressure intensity of the equipment; Secondly, employees must follow the instructions strictly. Because of the particularity of boiler, flammable and explosive articles will bring safety Risk, operators must be trained, familiar with the equipment structure, strictly operating in accordance with company regulations; third, ensure not to mix with water. Do not mix with low boiling point substances and flammable and explosive substances, otherwise the consequences are unthinkable.

March 11, we learned from the Harbin municipal government: Harbin win the 2019 New Blue Sky Battle embodiments released this year, Harbin will be coal-fired pollution control, pollution discharge standards, high Vehicle emission control, comprehensive improvement of urban and rural non-point source, and prohibiting straw utilization as the main direction, precise Shi policy. Strive to the end, so that the sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide emissions are reduced by more than 17.6% in 2015 and 20%; concentration of PM2.5 decreased to 52 micrograms / cubic meter or so, and strive to 50 micrograms / cubic meter or less; and more severe reduce the number of pollution days to 21 days or less.

After the proposed scheme, Harbin bulk coal strengthen management and control, strengthening coal quality testing, to improve the sampling frequency. This year will develop clean heating embodiment, the priority development of the city urban central heating; central heating covered areas being difficult to accelerate the implementation of natural gas heating and electric heating, and other distributed clean heating. Unit embodiment "coal to clean energy" should be synchronized removal of coal-fired boiler, gas boiler need replacement after low NOx combustion technology, clean heating rate of 60% or more. City buses, taxis or car clean energy proportion of new energy and strive to reach 94% and 80%. Promote the use of gas vehicles to achieve the national emission standards for six. Six to stop selling below the country's gasoline and diesel. Establish responsibility dust control system, built-up areas prohibit the construction site mixing of concrete, mortar and use of bagged cement 9 city and county (city). Under the premise of protecting people's livelihood, heating boilers should be relatively conducive weather conditions during the pollutant dispersion from the oven, in the same area by different heating boiler early in the evening three periods of peak load shifting from the furnace.