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effects of the seawater in a steam boiler

4 large household electric boiler features 1, the overall configuration of the combustion system of the effects of the seawater in a steam boiler and burner design as a whole, tailored in accordance with this boiler design features, our plant is tradition, the boiler combustion system to achieve the best ratio is the combination of energy-saving and environmental protection technology. 2, advanced automatic control using automatic control of microcomputer, an integrated automatic pressure control, fire detection, water protection, automatic alarm intelligent control, a key control fool a single button press to fully automate running, any security devices that are beginning to work, no special duty to make operators more peace of mind, peace of mind. 3, the structural design of safety science equipped with a safety valve, the multiple pressure controller, control and protection level and other devices chain protection, absolutely safe and reliable, the use of finned tube tubular furnace structure, to effectively compensate for thermal expansion, to prevent thermal expansion shrinkage stress is generated, the boiler structure, safety and reliability, extended service life. 4, high-quality steam fast Small water volume of large steam pit unique design can make you gain steam in the shortest possible time, the built-in steam-water separation device to ensure high-quality high dry steam.

Premix module up and running off all power to the boiler 1. The premix boiler modules, opening the inlet valve of the gas pipe, drain valve. 2. Check the gas concentration in the gas pipeline, the check valve on the pipe flange connections without leakage phenomenon, if any should be handled immediately. 3. After the inspection is completed, the power sent to the controller module premix boiler, close the power switch of the burner. 4. Check that the controller parameters are normal, the system comprises a gas supply, water supply system, ignition system and flame protection, water protection system control, pressure control and protection system, electronic control box and the like. 5. Open premix boiler circulating pump module, observe thermometers, pressure gauges, and the corresponding water level gauge pipe fittings for water leakage. 6. The furnace boiler ignition should choose different methods of operation, after prolonged shutdown should be small fire. 7. After ignition must closely monitor the boiler water level. Ensure the water level is maintained at normal level. 8. When the premix module system pressure close to the operating pressure of the boiler, check the connections for leakage, disassembled flange connecting bolts, need to tighten again, should operate sideways, the force should not be excessive, to prevent the bolts off. 9. The premix normal operation of the boiler module (1) should be in the water level gauge in the visible range, the operation should be adjusted with changes in load level gauge must be washed once per shift. (2) boiler blowdown, should be carried out at high level, low load, the operation should make protective measures. . (3) periodic testing demineralized water, softened water boiler system to ensure that qualified.

Under the new economic era, serious product homogeneity, after-sales service is another important indicator selected by the user of the product. Fast boiler service customer service center escalating form, by telephone 400, after-sales network, remote monitoring, repair and other micro-channel multi-channel, multi-form to provide users with convenient and efficient service. To allow users to have more expertise in gas boiler operation, operation, security and other aspects, fast Boiler Group launched the safe operation of free training Week in April 2017, the first phase of training has been successfully concluded.

First, the boiler material, for condensing gas boiler, the key factor first thing to note is to create the material of the boiler. This is because the boiler during combustion, will produce a sulfide, nitrogen oxides and other substances, dissolved in water, the condensed water will produce a sulfur compound, an acidic substance, down long-term use, will cause some of the effects of corrosion boiler. Fast boiler corrosion problems for improvements made on the boiler. By using better corrosion resistance silicon alloy, ND, embossed aluminum and other materials, greatly reducing the extent of corrosion damage to the boiler. Second, the overall design and use of boilers, even the same material condenser and energy conservation, and use of different design or will affect the life of the boiler. For example, whether to a condenser water systems and water separate, protective measures when the boiler outage, anti-frost water protection measures heating season.