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The fast boiler manufacturer in rajkot related personnel monitoring center, started after the boiler, the boiler pressure, exhaust gas temperature and other sensors will automatically collecting various kinds of boiler operation data and real-time transmission through the mobile network to a remote monitoring center located at the headquarters of the fast boiler ; operating data once abnormal or deviation, the monitoring center monitoring personnel can detect and organize experts to analyze and issue alerts and corrective measures.

The reason why the ignition rod of gas-fired boiler manufacturer in rajkot has sparks but does not ignite: 1, the ventilation clearance of cyclone disk is blocked by carbon deposition, and the ventilation is not good. 2, oil nozzles are unclean, clogged or worn out. 3, the valve setting angle is too small. 4. Inappropriate distance from the tip of the ignition rod to the leading edge of the oil nozzle (too prominent or indented) 5, the first oil gun solenoid valve is blocked by debris (small oil gun). 6, the oil is too viscous to flow or the filtration system is blocked or the oil valve is not opened, so that the oil pump suction is insufficient and the oil pressure is low. 7. The oil pump's own filter screen is blocked. 8, the oil contains more water (boiling noise in the heater).

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Steam Boiler and Pressure explain whether automatic sewage: this kind of boiler manufacturer in rajkot steam boiler, because it is the site of the product, so its knowledge and understanding, can be said to be imperative, and is fastidious and lax, so as not to affect the learning effect of the product, and this is not conducive to master and apply knowledge. Then, based on the specific requirements, below, to immediately proceed with it, improve learning efficiency. 1. heating with steam boilers, can it? Work carried out by heating steam boiler, which from a professional point of view, it is possible, but, compared with the hot water boiler, more complicated, because it also using the heat exchange system, in order to achieve this goal, and in the process, the soda is a heat exchanger with a heat exchanger to complete this work. 2. The use of steam boilers, in which the industry is a more frequent? In addition, the pressure of the boiler, and what is relevant? Steam boiler, in general, in the chemical industry, light industry, power generation and medical industries such as these, it is more and more. The pressure of the boiler, mainly related to evaporation and the burner size specifications. Specifically, then, 0.5 tons or less, the pressure is about 3000 Pa, and more than 1 ton is about 5000Pa.