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volcano steam boiler particulars

After the 110 ton coal fired steam CFB boiler project successfully finished in July, 2015. Another petrochemical plant contacted with us. And they also wanted to build a set of 110 ton coal fired boiler in their new building petrochemical plant.

Present during food factory boiler shutdown problems and the presence of food plants during the cause of corrosion problems and corrosion of boiler shutdown reasons. In the detection process of industrial boilers, we found a large boiler within a year than their long working hours, but the boiler corrosion and maintenance during the shutdown has not taken seriously enough. Boiler maintenance is directly related to the life of the boiler. 1, there is the food plant boiler shutdown problems during the inspection process, often see a number of small workshops, small business operation is not standard, boiler boiler stops during maintenance work is not in place. Vertical pipes fixed furnace LSG0.2-0.4-AII on September 12, 2015 put into operation. Semi-open boiler room, there are three annular wall. Is unshielded side, top covered with the boiler steel tile color, but some damage. Stop the stove without any treatment until the check fugitive emissions so far. Test found the following problems: ① the heat insulation breakage outer layer, local corrosion 0.5mm.

2017 annual dealer meeting VIP party fast boiler was held in Anyang, fast Boiler Group headquarters. The meeting to "work together to create a potential win-win future" as its theme, it is in the context of China's new economic normality in the country "coal to gas" policy opportunities and challenges of the meeting of great significance.

14 ton volcano steam boiler particulars application:

14 ton steam boiler not only can be using in textile plant boiler industry, but also have a high reputation in central heating , like boiler for hospital, chemical industry, food plant, paper mill etc on where using steam and hot water.