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According to statistics, the number of oxygen corrosion boilers in different degrees accounts for about 10% of the total. In these 10% boilers, the lighter makes the wall thickness of the stressed parts thinner, which reduces the service life of the boiler. The heavy components can not meet the strength requirements, and need to be repaired or scrapped in advance. More serious people directly threaten people's Life and property security.

A specific pressure adjustment apparatus is needed in the boiler such as safe valve pressure gage, water indicator to stabilize the gas pressure. Because the instability of the pressure probably lead to combustion instability or lead to temper or blow -of. the use of the horizontal boiler

In late May 2018, Hedong District, Tianjin Environmental Protection Bureau, the District Construction Committee, District Bureau for approval jointly held low nitrogen gas boiler reconstruction work will push for the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau atmosphere at the meeting of May 18 Air pollution control work in progress briefing involves the transformation of low nitrogen gas boiler, convey the contents of the meeting and introduced the progress of work and experience low nitrogen gas boiler reconstruction of other counties.

Clear four key tasks meeting: First, all gas boiler units must be in accordance with the time node, complete technical solutions before the end of May to develop and expert appraisal work;

Second, according to the requirements of the minutes of the 49th executive meeting of the district government, the units shall, not later project work next week to start the project, and accelerating project bidding, project construction to ensure completion before the end of September;

Third, the units should seriously accordance with the "Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau of Finance on the issuance of Tianjin Gas boiler low nitrogen fixed subsidy reconstruction project implementation approach" (environmentally friendly gas-chun [2017] No. 171), "on the issuance of Tianjin Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau letter fixed subsidy acceptance requirements of low nitrogen gas boiler reconstruction project "(Tianjin environmental Protection memo No. [2017] 406) and" Municipal environmental Protection Bureau Municipal market supervision Commission letter of relevant work requirements transformation of low nitrogen gas boiler "(Jin Han [green gas the relevant procedures 2018] No. 92) requirements, preparing project application and acceptance, with particular attention to security issues in the process of transformation of the project, to ensure that emissions meet the standard requirements after the transformation;

Chemical plant flue gas boiler house design parameters required chemical plant flue gas boiler house design parameters required for the design of the boiler room when the chemical plant for flue design is also a requirement, if the design does not meet the specifications, then the words of the late , but also will cause great trouble. So, for chemical plants, it must be easy to overlook these places also to pay attention to it. Otherwise, if the latter then rework it, the loss will be greater. 1. The flue should be straight, air tightness, attachment and less and less resistance, horizontal flue persist for more than 1% of the laying head should be positioned to avoid Longitudinal placement. 2. Fuel gas-fired boiler house and chimney flue should be used to build a steel or reinforced concrete, the lowest point of the flue and chimney should be set lump water-sealed water drains. 3. The thickness of the metal plate is generally used in flue 4 ~ 6mm, flue planning, equipment should meet the reinforcing ribs to ensure the strength and stiffness requirements. 4. The thermal expansion of the flue should be compensated, and the compensation amount should be accounted for proper selection. The insulation should be of steel flue ways and reliable fixation. 6. The fuel gas boiler corresponds to a boiler should be a chimney, when subject to the conditions required several constraints when sharing a boiler flue or chimney, each boiler should be ventilated suction force balance. 7. The flue should be arranged to set the necessary thermal and environmental measurement points measurement points in the right orientation. Additional single evaporation equal to 20t / h or a single additional fuel boiler thermal power of 14MW or greater, it is necessary to monitor successive fixed soot, SO2 concentration in flue gas discharge apparatus. 8. In the simple collection of local and smoke when many boilers a share or a total chimney flue shall be fitted with explosion-proof door on the flue after each fuel gas-fired boiler, the orientation of the vent should be conducive to relief, shall be located in the proper orientation before and do not endanger the safety of the turn, when the gas blast may endanger the safety of the operator is full, the guide tube should be installed on the pressure relief explosion-proof equipment. 9. For some longer flue boiler room, they should be accounted for resistance, select the appropriate blower, Fan (when there is draft fan), in order to ensure clear smoke. 10. The chimney should be considered appropriate preservation approach, the chimneys of flue gas temperature should be above the dew point of the flue gas temperature of 15 deg.] C; when the exhaust gas temperature is lower than the dew point temperature of flue gas, the flue gas should take effective measures to avoid the intrusion.