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Autumn occasion fruits. September 2 this year, China-Africa Cooperation Forum Beijing Summit smooth opening of the meeting, determine Dongfang Electric Power signed with Egypt Egypt Hanna Wei six 1100MW of clean coal combustion and coal pier supporting the EPC project general contract. The project is currently the world's largest clean coal projects, but also Chinese enterprises for the first time will have ultra-supercritical clean coal technologies with independent intellectual property rights to the world.

1100MW, is the world's largest single coal units capacity. Egypt Hanna Wei 6 × 1100MW coal-fired power plant will clean 6 stand-alone capacity of 1100MW coal machine components, which will become the world's largest clean coal power plant. The total size of the project is about $ 4.4 billion. Joint venture will work final contract negotiations and other business and financing as soon as possible with the Egyptian company.

The project won the bid total amount (by share of joint venture company 50% equity share calculation) accounted for about 18% of the company's 2017 annual revenue, the company will confirm the actual sales income in accordance with the implementation of the project.

The project will be built in the Red Sea tourist area, demanding for clean and green. The power plant project hosts supplier Dongfang Electric and Shanghai Electric said its independent research and hosts will use the world's most advanced high-performance ultra-supercritical power generation technology and near-zero emissions of environmental technology. Advanced technology is mainly reflected in the high-efficiency coal-fired power generation. From the current standards, the national coal requirements will kilowatt needed to control the 300 g or less, and this project per kilowatt coal consumption less than 280 grams, the thermoelectric efficiency of up to 45%.

Egypt was among the first to support one of the countries "along the way" initiative in China. The project will also "along the way" along the clean coal-fired power station construction played a good role model, and further promote the high-end manufacturing to promote the development of China's power sector outwards.

Use electric 8t condensing boiler distributor russia problems how to do, do not panic as a universal type electric boilers electric heating devices have been familiar with the majority of users, but many users are still skeptical by using, for fear of electric boiler problems arise in the course of , but they can not solve, affecting the normal heating. There is such a concern is understandable, however, electric boiler product development so far, whether it is from the safety of products or product stability, have already passed the test of the market. For the use of electric boilers in question arise, users encounter the most problems is actually not from itself, but from the entire heating system. Because the heating system no matter which part of the problem, the entire heating system could not work properly, electric boilers as heating terminals, often charged with the supervision and inspection role against a system, the system may have ruled out possible problems . And fault information is transmitted to the user via a display screen, to assist a user to troubleshoot. So, when the heating system problems, do not panic, the first message delivered by an electric boiler to determine the problem, then there can be targeted for treatment.

So, how to choose a suitable gas 8t condensing boiler distributor russias do?

A boiler working pressure

Troubleshooting summary of undelivered fuel in furnaceToday, Fangkuai gas-fired 8t condensing boiler distributor russia introduces the failure phenomenon of undelivered fuel in furnace and its elimination methods, and makes different inspection methods and maintenance schemes according to different phenomena. Specific as follows: fault phenomenon 1: feeding motor power on normal, but not rotating feeding method: check feeding motor whether the circuit is broken or burn out fault phenomenon 2: feeding motor is working normally, But the feeding screw does not rotate the feeding method: check whether the screw coupling shaft or protection bolt is broken, if broken, check the feeding bin whether there is a foreign material stopper fault phenomenon 3: feeding motor, feeding screw is working normally, But not into the furnace. Removal method: check if there is any foreign material or fuel overhead in the feeding bin, such as overhead: tap the hopper gently to make it offload, strictly prohibit the use of tools, stick inserted into the hopper to stir. Trouble phenomenon 4: feeding motor, feeding screw is normal, the silo is not overhead, but still does not feed into the furnace to remove the method: check the furnace under the tube is blocked by wet fuel powder ash. If clogged, remove the feeding system and clean it up. The above is a summary of the troubleshooting of undelivered fuel in gas boiler furnace, I hope it will be helpful to all of us.