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5 Mw Coal Fired Industrial Water Boiler In Bangladesh

Greater than 65t / h industrial boiler of what air pollutant emission standards should be executed? A: The State Environmental Protection Administration, Central Division-standard [1993] No. 012 document pointed out that the emergence of a small number of parameters currently higher than GB1921-80 "industrial steam boiler parameters Series" and GB3166-82 "hot 5 mw coal fired industrial water boiler in bangladesh parameters Series" layer burning, stoker boiler, regardless of its use Zanan GB1327-91 execution. Therefore> 65t / h or more (except coal, circulating fluidized bed, and fuel, gas fired boilers) industrial boilers should be performed "boiler air pollutant emission standards."

The main advantage of gas-fired boiler in what areas? With the rapid development of China's economy, environmental pollution also will greet consumers eyelids, in order to protect our environment needs to start respected more environmentally friendly way of life, so people have begun to use gas-fired boiler in terms of heating and gradually promote sales. And this most professional gas boiler, compared to conventional coal-fired boiler striking advantage, it is learned the advantages of gas-fired boiler is mainly manifested in the following aspects: First, stronger environmental performance: oil and gas released during combustion fewer pollutants, air pollution is small, while the coal combustion process releases large amounts of sulfur, fluorine and other pollutants, the harm to the air is very large, for which the environmental performance advantages of gas-fired boiler more clear, and after a gas boiler, a substance which produces mainly carbon dioxide and water, both of which are non-polluting substance material may be discharged directly. Second, the smaller the volume of the boiler: Because of its high release of heat during combustion, and therefore does not require the use of more fuel and the combustion gas at the same time, can be suitably used to reduce the amount of fuel, with the same capacity gas boiler ratio of coal-fired boilers, it is reasonable convection tube arrangement enables reduction in weight, so that downsizing, it is possible to reduce equipment investment. And quality and reasonable direct gas-fired boilers to burn natural gas fuel storage is not required, thus saving the cost of space transportation and fuel, a feature that greatly simplifies the gas boiler system. Third, higher starting and stopping the fuel efficiency of gas-fired boiler: gas boiler can make a timely response when faced with an emergency situation, to avoid more serious problems, in addition to lower maintenance costs longer use this gas boiler lifetime, in its very broad prospects for the future use. In short today's environmental problems are very serious, exhaust emissions has become an important factor in harm people's health, and air pollution and people's lives, people are both polluters, but also pollution bear in addressing air pollution people should reduce energy use, and the use of clean type of energy, such as using gas-fired boilers to reduce emissions of pollutants, to achieve the establishment of new heating mode.

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First, we need to clear in the boiler "coal to gas" process, to determine the different rehabilitation programs depending on the furnace. Second, grasp the "coal to gas," the key link. 1, removal of the original coal-fired boiler slag machine, coal hopper, coal equipment, chain grate, gearbox and so on. 2, by calculating the heat transfer in the furnace, the furnace geometry is determined, the center position of the furnace flame. Re-casting furnace, furnace refractory concrete casting material used, a large ratio of aggregate: Aggregate: Small aggregate: Sand: = 4:2:1:1:2 refractory cement. After the boiler pipe arch to avoid the flame center position, after the original arch pipe elevation on the basis of the original slope. 3, installation of explosion-proof doors. For gas-fired boiler, the blast doors is an important facility to protect the safe operation of the boiler. 4, boiler water test of 1.25 times the working pressure. Third, no matter what kind of furnace should be noted that in the transformation of the construction of the following questions: 1, should guarantee the smooth flow of flue gas, have a good fullness and should avoid dead ends and dead. 2, the burner should be provided at the height position of the center of the furnace, and the combustion space and has sufficient length. Flame should not be flushed to the wall heating surface, so as to avoid incomplete combustion gases local overheating and damage to the wall. 3, since the combustion gas in the furnace backlash, high thermal strength, exposed to the bottom of the drum in the furnace should be adiabatic process. 4, various pipes, fire tube boiler furnace wall substantially refractory brick masonry, and shield plus insulation material. In the "coal to gas" should pay attention to the tightness of the furnace wall, minimizing the original door, door checks, etc., can assemble the refractory block, prevent cold air flames wounding or excessive leakage into the furnace , affecting boiler efficiency, to see the fire hole must remain closed also should see the fire hole, heat-resistant glass viewing by fire. 5, the furnace boiler and gas than coal-fired boilers, is generally greater, there is sufficient combustion space, increase the volume of gas, does not affect the transformation of combustion conditions. If the user requests output significantly improved boiler, the furnace can be increased radiation heating surface, to remove scale and soot while the inner surface of the outer heating of the original, so that without increasing the volume of the boiler case to improve the boiler output is not a problem. Thermodynamic calculations must do in the boiler, while the smoke but also good wind resistance calculation intensity calculation. Fourth, the correct choice of matching burner