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How to avoid the use of gas steam top manufacturer 6t boiler accident? Rapid social and economic development so that is also extremely fast, and gas steam boiler as heat and power production process equipment, and people's lives are commonly used in industrial applications among development of modern industry. There are a lot of engineering to be used as a gas boiler steam heating equipment. However, if there is improper operation in the operation, it is very easily lead to accidents and leaks, not only a threat to people's lives can also cause economic losses. So how to avoid accidents when using gas steam boiler? 1. Before purging gas steam boiler to prevent the ignition of superior quality gas explosion incidents usually have some protection measures, but still needs to make a purge of the boiler furnace and flue gas channel before the launch, but also the need for the gas supply gas purge conduit. A medium gas supply pipe purged generally used inert gas (such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide, etc.), and the purge of the boiler furnace by the flue must flow velocity of the air as the purging medium. After purging, if time is not on fire, then they must then purge the furnace flue, before a second firing. 2. If the quality of exhaust smoke rigorous testing quality standards, on the one hand the discharge of smoke and dust can cause air pollution, on the other hand may also lead to excessive levels of indoor carbon monoxide and cause some accidents, so, in order to ensure environmental protection and safety, gas steam boiler fireman who should be among the adjustment incineration process, the exhaust components of the boiler rigorous testing to determine the excess air ratio and incomplete burning conditions, to ensure the safe use of gas steam boiler. If companies can purchase gas steam boiler trusted to use, and pay more attention to purge the furnace, the flue gas channel before ignition, as well as smoke testing in accordance with strict quality practices in the use of gas steam boiler, thus can effectively improve the safe use of gas steam boiler factor, making it possible to avoid all kinds of accidents.

6 tph SZL series coal-fired chain grate steam top manufacturer 6t boiler in ColumbiaThe processing of agricultural products requires a lot of procedures, and steam. Is demanded for the procedures of disinfection and aseptic packaging. Therefore, steam boilers are important equipment. Agra Feed S.A.S. was established in 2011. It is an enterprise in Colombia, operating in the Farm Product Raw Material Merchant Wholesalers industry. In recent years, due to the continuous expansion of the company's production capacity, Agra Feed S.A.S. urgently needed to purchase one set of energy-efficient steam boiler.After learning about the demand of Agra Feed S.A.S., ZOZEN recommended the 6 tph SZL series coal-fired steam boiler. This series of coal-fired boilers is designed and developed by ZOZEN, which has the characteristics of wide adaptability of coal type, compact design and convenient installation. Benefiting from its outstanding performance advantages, this series of chain furnaces successfully won the favor of Agra Feed S.A.S. In order to improve the actual efficiency of the company, ZOZEN also customized a complete set of steam boiler system with a thermal efficiency of over 82%. Meanwhile, according to the environmental protection requirements of the region, ZOZEN also installed dust removal, desulfurization and denitration facilities to effectively reduce NOx emissions.

The reason for the high exhaust gas temperature following points 1, leakage is serious leakage refers to the furnace, flue, etc. due to poor quality welding or other causes leakage phenomenon is an important reason for the high temperature exhaust gas top manufacturer 6t boiler. Mainly refers to the furnace roof seal leakage, see the crater, and the bottom seal Manhole leakage at the sink; chimney flue leakage refers to leakage when the ambient air in the negative pressure operating chamber wall and at the flue imprecise, especially in the furnace end leakage greatest impact. Leakage will make the exhaust volume increases, exhaust heat loss will also increase. 2, hot air factor is too large the air ratio has an important influence on the boiler thermal efficiency and combustion conditions. When the air ratio is too large, the amount of the boiler flue gas emissions will increase, so that the boiler flue gas heat loss increases, induced draft fan, blower power consumption will increase, resulting in reduction in thermal efficiency. Choose the right air ratio, it will reduce the energy losses, get a higher thermal efficiency of the boiler, and the safe operation of the boiler. When the load changes, can be adjusted into the furnace fuel and air quantity, the corresponding changes in the combustion conditions. 3, more fuel moisture content on water in fuel combustion is the main cause burning fire difficult, and reduce the temperature of the combustion zone, the fuel may not fully burn. When the fuel water every 5% increase, due to the thermal efficiency of the boiler heat losses will drop about 0.5%. 4, heating surface scaling, fouling, boiler slag when the heating surface due to poor water quality when the water content of the fuel or the like caused by excessive scaling or corrosive conditions, will produce heating surface scaling, fouling, slag and other undesirable phenomena, will effect of heating surface and heat transfer to the flue gas, the flue gas can not be cooled in a timely manner, resulting in exhaust gas temperature.

The Fangkuai Group's unique full-operating top manufacturer 6t boiler operation laboratory has an annual operating cost of more than 5 million yuan, which can simulate the operating conditions of various types of boilers under multi-operating environment conditions. The laboratory provides technical tests such as test and inspection, analysis and evaluation, data evaluation, energy saving and environmental protection, and special software from materials to complete equipment, hardware to software, and even complex large systems.