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types of industrial boiler

Low nitrogen types of industrial boiler technology made a major breakthrough, however gratifying that through the unremitting efforts of domestic boiler companies, China's low-NOx combustion technology gradually into the world advanced list, catch up with a lot of foreign advanced technology.

Detailed knowledge of biomass specifications and a full understanding of their variability of supply are paramount to designing types of industrial boilers with the highest efficiency and availability, and to operating them in the most economical way. Design features of the Advanced Bio CFB technology.

Price analysis and knowledge of gas types of industrial boilers gas-fired boiler 1, the lower the price of gas boiler and boiler water and labor costs. 2, the promotion of energy saving or the flue gas condensation boiler technology, so the thermal efficiency is further significantly push up the boiler when the gas reaches the exhaust gas temperature 80 ℃, up to 95% efficiency. 3, using the conditions of the gas boiler is a must have natural gas pipeline area, and also to pay a setup fee to open an account.

After ignition, the gas-fired types of industrial boiler needs to observe the temperature of the furnace smoke and the temperature of the main steam, and the rising pressure of the main steam. After the boiler ignition, the smoke temperature will increase obviously slowly or if the smoke temperature does not rise, we should immediately check the ignition of the oil gun on the spot.