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4 Ton Boiler Plant Ukraine

A 4 ton boiler plant ukraine water testing methods) and storage of water samples taken 1, depending on the volume of water analysis items, only a simple analysis of water samples is generally 500 to 1000 ml. 2, the sample container should be filled with water using a rigid glass or plastic bottle. Never use of wood, paper balls, metal plugs and maize. 3, sampling Note Samples should be slowly into the bottle, it can not produce water rippling. When the water sample into the bottle 10 ml shall be left void, or to prevent the water temperature changes, the cork pushed open. When averaged water sample must be taken at the same time under the same conditions. Determination of the hydrogen ion concentration in water (B) PH value of which depends mainly on the carbon dioxide, bicarbonate ion content of between opposing sulfate ions, but also somewhat affected by other ions. Whichever it is usually expressed negative numbers. Symbol "PH". PH = log [H +] measured PH value method has potential method and colorimetry, only the chapter describes the more common potential method. PH value of measured potential method, the potential difference between the solution is indicated in the measurement and reference electrodes difference generated. The potential of the reference electrode is constant, the potential of the indicator electrode with different PH value of the solution is changed. Thus the electromotive force consisting of a battery can be measured accurately with the compensation method. Using PH PH meter can be directly measured value of the solution. The procedures for measuring PH meter may be used, accuracy of 0.01. (Iii) Determination of calcium measured calcium EDTA volumetric method widely used in the PH> 12 in an alkaline solution, by EDTA titration, acidic chrome blue K- Naphthol Green B as an indicator, titration end point from red to blue 1, a reagent filter paper was immersed in Congo red 0.1% Congo red solution, soaked until removed, and then dried in air, and then cut into 1 × 1 cm pieces of about. Ammonium hydroxide - ammonium chloride buffer solution (pH 10.1) was weighed 67.5 g of ammonium chloride dissolved in 200 ml of water, was added 570 ml of ammonium hydroxide diluted with water to 1000 ml. Weigh calcium standard solution bake for 3 hours at 105 ~ 110 ℃ pure carbon 1.2485 g of calcium beaker, calcium carbonate solution to dissolve just finished boiling rush carbon dioxide with dilute hydrochloric acid. After cooling, into 1000 ml flask, diluted with distilled water to the mark. This solution was 0.5 mg per ml of calcium ions. Tetraacetic acid disodium (EDTA) disodium EDTA weighed 2 g, dissolved in 1000 ml of water to dissolve a little heat, pressing calibration method: lessons per ml standard solution containing 0.5 mg of calcium ions 5 to 10 ml, in a dry 250 ml Erlenmeyer flask, diluted with water to about 50 ml, analysis by calibration procedures; calculated equivalent concentration: where: N - equivalent concentration of calcium standard solution consumed V1-- EDTA titration standard EDTA standard solution few ml solution; the total solution milliliters V - C - 1 ml of the number of milligrams of calcium standard solution of calcium; 20.04-- equivalents of calcium. K-- Acid Chrome Blue mixed indicator naphthol green B; 0.5 g, said acid Chrome Blue K with 1 g of naphthol green B, was dissolved in 5 ml of ammonium hydroxide in PH10.1 - ammonium chloride buffer solution (preparation method see the measurement of magnesium), and add a little hydroxylamine hydrochloride, water was added to 100 ml shake. 2, Procedure Pipette 50 ml of water and 100 samples, 20% sodium hydroxide solution was added 2 to 3 ml, acid chrome blue K-- naphthol green B 2 drops of mixed indicator, titrated with EDTA standard solution changed from red to blue is the end note of the consumption of EDTA standard solution, preservation solution for the determination of magnesium. Calcium content of the sample is calculated as follows: wherein V1-- Titration standard solution consumed few ml EDTA; N - equivalent concentration of EDTA standard solution; V - sample volume, ml. (Iv) the PH10 determination of magnesium in the solution to acid chrome blue K- naphthol green B as indicator titration with EDTA standard solution of calcium, magnesium content. It titration end is blue. Then subtracts the subtraction to yield a calcium content and magnesium content. It may be in solution after titration calcium, magnesium measured continuously adjusted PH value. Assay (e) the sulfate (gravimetric method) with barium sulfate to form sulfuric acid in an acidic solution precipitated barium. Obtained from the sulfate content by weight of barium sulphate (sample when large water content, with hydrochloric acid in advance to be evaporated to dryness, the sulfate measured by the steps below to root damage nitrate: 100 ml water samples taken transparent, injection 250 ml beaker, and 1: 1 solution of 2 ml of hydrochloric acid, heated to boiling, hot slowly added under stirring 10 ml of 5% barium chloride solution, incubated for 2 hours on a water bath or sand bath, or overnight, and then quantitative filter paper with a dense, washed with hot distilled water until free from chloride ions (checking with silver nitrate solution) so far. the precipitate was dried together with the filter paper, into constant weight porcelain crucible, carefully ashing furnace set temperature, calcined at 850 deg.] C to constant weight sulfate ion content of the following formula: sulfate (mg / l) = formula weight of precipitated barium sulfate in W-- (mg); V - measured as the volume of water samples . 1.gb6903-1986 standard boiler water and cooling water measured analysis General boiler water and cooling water analysis of the solid matter boiler water and cooling water conductivity analysis Determination pot Determination of mercuric nitrate boiler water and cooling water Analysis boiler water and cooling water chlorides Analysis Analysis water and cooling water ph glass electrode method of measurement Determination of hardness boiler water and cooling water analysis method for measuring hardness boiler water and cooling water Determination of alkalinity high hardness low hardness Determination t6913.2-1986 boiler water and cooling water analysis Determination of total inorganic phosphate boiler water and cooling water phosphate phosphate analysis

February 13, 2019, a food processing plant in Heilongjiang province, after the Spring Festival to resume production process, 4 ton boiler plant ukraine explosion accident occurred, killing two people were killed, to the masses lives and property of people come at a cost, resulting in adverse social impact .

To reduce boiler accident, maintain social stability and security personnel, Suihua City Market Authority to act quickly, on February 15 Kusakabe issued an emergency notice to deploy to carry out safety hazards investigation boilers within the city, the focus of the investigation after the Spring Festival recovery boiler operation baths and other crowded places in boilers, boiler timely elimination of security risks in the management and operation aspects of existence.

As of now, law enforcement officers deployed 116 times, check unit 52, checks the boiler 64 for five in the boiler there are security risks of Special Equipment Safety Supervision issued a letter of instruction, ordered to stop using, be put into use after the rectification qualified.

Security can not be ignored - to choose the right gas tank gas tank for your gas 4 ton boiler plant ukraine industrial gas steam boiler must have the equipment, but also the strict supervision of special safety pressure equipment, mainly used for purification and compressed air. In order to allow users to safely use the boiler, we summarize the five essential items to buy gas tank of study, with the view of it. First, look at the design and materials made first look at the design pressure of the gas tank design and material selection pressure for compliance; followed by the material to meet the requirements to achieve the strict standards of the thickness of it. This pressure gas tank containers will be marked with a safety factor and safety valves, and pressure vessel design standards of our country itself is more stringent than abroad; so in general the use of pressure vessels is still very safe. We recommend choosing a material not only cheaper plans, there are generally low price jerry phenomenon. Today gas tank brands on the market is very complex, we should try to choose well-known large-scale enterprise products. The company's products not only strict implementation of standards "steel pressure vessel", most of them have their own more stringent corporate standards, strict management for production processes, better quality of raw materials used. While these companies may be relatively price a little expensive, but it can guarantee the quality of use, ease to use. In addition, a variety of quality system certification of enterprises produced products are also preferred. Second, look at the appearance of the gas tank sometimes, the reaction product appearance but also its quality and value, only the formal strength of the boiler manufacturers will invest a lot of capital and advanced equipment, comprehensive approach to improve the quality of the gas tank, outside packaging is no exception. Excellent quality of the gas tank, trademarks, most of them will do very evident, allowing users to see that this is what the boiler manufacturers. Gas tank should be marked on the nameplate production enterprises, the detection unit name and date of manufacture; and pressure, but also to indicate the product number, weight, volume size, can withstand the maximum pressure, working pressure, water pressure test, gas tank media. Also check whether the upper right corner of the nameplate with the seal of detection units, must have the product number stamp, stamp number, and serial number on the nameplate necessarily correspond to the entire body just below the nameplate, the invention if two numbers are inconsistent, not to buy. Fourth, look at quality assurance in accordance with state regulations, each factory gas tank must be equipped with a quality guarantee. Quality assurance is the main proof of eligibility documents tank, if there is no quality guarantee, even if the price of cheap gas tank, but in order to ensure safe operation, the user please do not buy. Fifth, look at the quality of manufacturing enterprises a real strength of the boiler manufacturing enterprises, with the qualifications and reputation is not an ordinary company can match. Although there are some small businesses allow pressure vessel manufacturing license, but as a whole or outdated equipment is not standardized, there are security risks produced gas tank easily. To make your gas steam boilers run more long-term, be sure to choose a safe, good quality, complete performance parameters of the gas tank; also in order to avoid the late boiler operation unnecessary trouble.

The szl 4 ton boiler plant ukraines is also chain grate boiler and zbg could produced the type of boiler whose steam capacity is 4 to 30 tons per hour. The szl series boiler in Tanzania could used in power plant, centralized heating and industrial steam.