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Steam boiler for poultry feed

How to control the temperature of the gas boiler boiler worker was required configuration of boiler equipment at run-time staff, they must not only ensure safe operation of the boiler, but also to maintain sustainable and stable operation of the boiler. Moment, we can see that intelligence is popular, gas boiler has entered the era of intelligent, by installing an automated control system, the boiler can achieve all-weather operation, without staff on duty to reduce the labor burden fireman personnel. So, these intelligent gas boiler automatic control is how to do it? In boilers with automatic control systems, built-in temperature sensor, corresponding to our eyes These sensors work in the case of boiler operation can be transferred to the boiler by means of the controller data. For example, a boiler with a set temperature of 55 ℃, a temperature sensor in the boiler furnace temperature acquired at this time is 40 ℃ boiler runtime. After sending the temperature data to the controller determines the control temperature is far from the set temperature, so the controlled state of the burner fire continues to heat the water in the boiler. Boiler continues to operate, the temperature sensor and temperature data are collected continuously transmitted to the controller, as the heating temperature gradually rises to the combustor 53 degrees. At this time, by setting the temperature controller and the current temperature of comparison, determining the water close to the set oven temperature, thus lowering the flame and pilot burner. As the temperature is set closer to 55 ℃, the burner can be based on the actual frequency of the heat demand, precise control of the size of the flame, by gradually close, maintaining the temperature at 55 ℃. When the heat demand changes, the flame will make a corresponding change in the boiler only works to maintain the temperature of the state, to avoid unnecessary waste of resources. Conventional boilers commonly used three-stage fire (fire, fire, small fire), for certain situations, such as the heat demand is just larger than the fire but it is far from the point where the fire needs heat, in which case the controller will continue to use fire heating, when the temperature will rise rapidly and soon exceeds the set temperature. At this time, the controller detects the water temperature has been exceeded, then control of the burner to a small fire. However, a small fire can not satisfy the heat demand, the boiler water temperature will drop at this time, the moment down to a certain extent, the controller turn a small fire into the fire heating. Volatility in this way compared to frequency control, not only the temperature, but also a certain phenomenon empty burning waste gas.

Condensing gas boiler technology breakthroughs: Common current high exhaust gas temperature inlet gas boiler, in which water vapor is present in the superheated gaseous state, if the exhaust gas temperature is reduced sufficiently, the water vapor in the flue gas will condense down and release large amounts of heat, the heat is often said latent heat of vaporization. The party quickly import gas condensing boiler is able to fully absorb latent heat of vaporization of the exhaust heat recovery boiler and steam boiler for poultry feeds.

To ensure the safety of special equipment such as boilers, in normal use, to further promote the comprehensive management of environmental pollution, since April this year, Khorgas Market Supervision Administration of Quality Supervision Bureau for the joint Yili area within the jurisdiction of Khorgas , launched a special safety inspection activities boilers.

Law enforcement officers to be included within the jurisdiction of the major hazard of 12 boiler units of a total of 21 boilers individually conduct a special inspection, focus on examination of the "three implementation, two certified, a test, a plan," the implementation of a detailed view of boiler safety management system, run records.

Test results showed that most of the boiler unit security management more standardized, but there are still some units use boilers run records were incomplete, part of the boiler has to inspection cycle, has been scrapped or dismantled boiler is not write-off and other issues, law enforcement officers to issue on-site boiler sealed, and ordered boiler unit for rectification.

One of the main advantages of this type of boiler that can be customized according to the user really needs large-tonnage capacity. For some large areas of central heating, hot water boiler small tonnage may be unable to meet the heating needs of the user, while the party quickly produced SZS type pipe gas hot water boiler just solve this problem. A short time ago, we are happy to cooperate with China Guan real estate development company, to provide a 80 tons of steam and a 40-ton steam pipe gas hot water boiler. 2, CWNS model atmospheric gas hot water boiler