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6 Ton Steam Boiler Tajikistan

Rice husk fired steam CFB boiler benefits

A lot of large- and small-scale rice mills benefited from the improved furnace. Operations became profitable and sustainable. Moreover, conventional steam generating industries also gained from the fuel that was made available to them and it no longer remained a technology exclusively used by the rice mills. The new furnace also ensured a healthy working environment and air quality, since the flue gas would exit only through the chimney, thus improving the working conditions for workers.

A pressurized gas or refinery gas (including associated gas), cool, liquefaction of a colorless, volatile gases. LPG obtained from the refinery gas, mainly composed of propane, propylene, butane, butene, and contains a small amount of pentane, pentene and trace sulfur compound impurities. 1, the main component of liquefied natural gas is methane, only a small amount of carbon dioxide and other substances of combustion, better environmental protection. 2, the heat value of the liquefied natural gas is higher than the liquefied petroleum gas, and better economic performance. 3, liquefied natural gas transported by pipeline, the presence of a liquefied form, more secure. Third, the common market of gas-fired boiler

What are the major components of low nitrogen boiler there? Low nitrogen boiler design because the sophisticated and ingenious structure, and uses a variety of advanced technologies in manufacturing, it is possible to effectively save energy, and achieve low nitrogen emissions, has a very good environmental performance. What are so low nitrogen boiler components it? Let's explain a simple efficient and reliable supply of low nitrogen boiler company for everyone. 1, corrugated furnace furnace is an important part of the nitrogen in the boiler low, and this type of furnace can be effectively increased radiation heat transfer area, not only to ensure more complete combustion of the fuel, but also improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler low nitrogen. In addition, quasi-rigid corrugated furnace structural variants can prevail resilient structure, thereby effectively eliminate stress. 2, threaded pipe threaded pipe can optimize the convective heat transfer, increasing gas velocity. With this amount of smoke tube heat transfer rate lower than the average nitrogen smoke tube boiler much higher, and subjected to high flue gas threaded pipe after flushing difficult ashed, it can play a role in self-cleaning, and can optimize the structure, reduce thermal stress. 3, flat head tube plate low nitrogen boiler tube plate with flat head, reduce stress but also solve the problem of the tube plate crack, completely changed the tube plate fillet welding manner, before and after the smoke box and the tube plate with anti-high temperature, strong anti-corrosion coating treatment technology, it is possible to ensure the long life of the boiler low nitrogen. 4, the controller touch screen controller low nitrogen boiler of large-screen color touch screen display, full-function, easy operation, advanced control mode to ensure the safe operation of the controller, and timely monitoring of the health of each test point the boiler, the boiler operation operating efficiency, and also having a fault recording function recording operating conditions, easy to analyze, control operation rules. These are important components of the low boiler nitrogen, through these components can improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler a low nitrogen, reducing heat loss. However, in order to buy high-quality, durable boiler equipment, companies need to understand what a good brand of low nitrogen boiler, after all, buy high-quality brand of the boiler will get better quality assurance.

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