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diesel fired steam boiler pasteurizer machine

Causes and solutions for common problems generated by the boiler safety valve on the boiler that everyone is familiar, often see in everyday life. Safety valve as it is an important part of its operation is an important protective equipment, safety valve leak will cause the system lost a lot of soda, affecting the safe operation of the unit and the personal safety of staff. Following small detail of it to tell you about the phenomenon of failure, causes and solutions. As follows: a, Symptom: (1) the exhaust valve tube outlet steam discharge slightly. And a slight high frequency acoustic leak near (2) safety valve. II. Analysis: (1) in the boiler room ambient temperature (ambient temperature + 25 ℃) is too high, resulting in decrease of the spring force, medium binding surface erosion damage caused by the micro-valve leakage. (2) maintenance of the standard process for unskilled maintenance, repair quality standards are not high. Third, the solution: (1) The contact pressure of the safety valve factory tuning parameters appropriate pressing adjusted until the steam leak site occurs. Strengthen training safety valve maintenance process, improve the technological level maintenance staff. (2) safety valve maintenance, carefully check the valve head, the valve seat joint surface damage, the development of joint surface inspection according to the inspection measures. (3) valve repair RESEARCH bonding surface during overhaul technique requires strict accordance with the manufacturers procedure steps in the process work is performed. (4) perform maintenance package strictly prescribed, the valve body, the valve seat joint surface roughness of 0.025 after grinding, assembled not meet quality requirements. (5) improve the operational level of operational personnel, to avoid over-pressure boiler. The reason is that the content of these recurring boiler failure, problems and solutions, and hope that these will help you better to avoid such problems in a timely manner occurred but also timely response and find solutions.

20 ton oil boiler in Sri Lanka for food industry

ZG boiler 's products are not only popular in China, but also have been widely sold overseas with the success of overseas strategic layout. Sri Lanka is one of ZG boiler’s important overseas markets. A few days ago, ZG boiler exported a 20-ton oil boiler to Sri Lanka for food factories.

PolockGroup Group was founded in 1999, is a famous comprehensive enterprise in Bangladesh, covering many types of machinery, textile, paper and other production and processing equipment. Whether mechanical manufacturing, textile processing or paper products can not do without the help of diesel fired steam boiler pasteurizer machines. High quality steam can not only provide mechanical support for producing power; also meet the textile, paper processing disinfection process needs a number of drying, rinsing and the like. The performance of a steam boiler are very good in general can bring qualitative leap for the production.

The significance of boiler blowdown:

(1) An important part of the water treatment work during boiler blowdown is an important means to ensure that the boiler water quality meets the standard requirements.