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Fang fast open class formal lecture: products, services both hands April 18, Fang fast open class smooth commencement, partners from across the country converge in the exchange of learning party headquarters R & D building fast training room, professional trainers to share a umaki boiler features, installation and operation precautions, commissioning maintenance process, rapid fault verification, and troubleshooting tips, and other professional knowledge, students listen carefully, positive answer questions, and the atmosphere is very active.

Three low-nitrogen sense umaki boilers With the rapid economic development, the state of the older more attention to environmental protection, small and medium enterprises are also the major change of thinking in the development of their industrial economy, began to focus production on the surrounding environment caused by influence, so most high-polluting enterprises will switch from an ordinary boiler boiler has a low nitrogen good eco-friendly. Companies use low nitrogen boiler equipment to the country, for business, for society, are of very great significance, mainly in three aspects: 1. low-nitrogen environment - help people to survive all kinds of harmful gas emissions from the production process more and more, leading to increasing your chances of illness, for some businesses use boiler production, the use of low nitrogen boiler equipment to be the best environmentally friendly manner, only companies began to pay attention to environmental protection, in order to protect the environment, thus creating livable ecosystem. 2. Push the boiler industry with technological change, the increasing popularity of low-nitrogen boiler equipment, boiler equipment user ever higher demands, which prompted manufacturers to invest more in research and development of human and financial resources in order to continue to improve existing processes, and research and development more equipment to adapt to the type of market demand. 3. To improve the competitiveness of products - inexpensive in order to meet the diverse needs of the market, with the continuous improvement of production processes, low nitrogen boiler manufacturers will continue to introduce new equipment more competitive each year, with the increase in low nitrogen boiler manufacturers, war boiler equipment market competition gradually transformed into prices, low nitrogen boiler from the network new offer related recommendation is easy to see the various manufacturers price war is still continuing, the user in this bidding war from the heat became final beneficiaries - You can choose the most quality products through lower prices. With the binding of awakening national consciousness and national policies to strengthen the state's environmental agencies and inspection growing. The growing popularity of low nitrogen boiler equipment (especially after the pure imported low-carbon boiler burner, the higher its environmental index), which greatly ensure the people's living environment of harmful gases is not excessive, will help enterprises towards the positive direction , with the increase of manufacturers, product prices are more close to the people. As technology continues to improve, low-carbon boiler will bring more far-reaching significance for the human, social and environmental.

First, the furnace exhaust gas temperature. The higher the exhaust gas temperature, the thermal efficiency is low; and vice versa. Second, the fuel is completely burned. If complete combustion of the fuel can not be done, then the umaki boiler thermal efficiency is very low. Third, heat dissipation furnace wall strength. The stronger the boiler furnace wall heat dissipation, the thermal efficiency is low; and vice versa. Fourth, the amount of scale furnace. The more scale, the worse the situation furnace heat, the thermal efficiency could be reduced.

The world since the 1970s, pressure hot water umaki boiler, especially in the northern region will get extensive application in China. Its popular not only because of low cost, easy to manufacture, more simple management, operation and safety features in its. Because of pressure hot water boiler has been widely used in various industries, it is especially important to use precautions, especially for new people to take over, should note the following: