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Process cycle gas steam fired tube boiler manufacturer and hot water circulation pump gas steam boiler with a heat exchanger can be achieved bathing and heating dual function. Natural circulation gas steam boiler, inlet and outlet are taken over from the top of the drum, the water from the water distribution pipe guide and drop into the front side lower header pipe, through the waterwall tubes heating rise. The front drum, rear end plate is provided with impermeable boundary falling rising flow, only the lower half of the drum cross-impermeable partition plate. For the forced circulation, the water access to the front end of the lower header, the front drum increases to upper waterwall tubes (waterwall downcomer Cancellation time), and then transferred to the waterwall tubes downcomer side to side lower header, then into the side of the cloth water wall tube rose to the drum, and from the front row convection bank down to the next drum, and finally between the upper and lower drum and several circuitous flow of water from the rear end of the drum. Hot gas steam boiler by circulating hot water tank insulation circulation pump, the hot water heating cycle tank, may be achieved bath object; circulation pump for circulating water through the hot water heating conduit, through the heat sink (radiator) can reach the people heating requirements.

It is quick to understand our side of the fired tube boiler manufacturer, boiler and industrial furnace is Haimen sulfur dioxide, one of the important sources of emissions of nitrogen oxides and soot, boiler and industrial furnace to carry out remediation is to control total energy consumption, air pollution control, energy conservation an important measure low-carbon development.

Recently, Haimen government issued the "2019 Haimen boiler and industrial furnace remediation work plan" put forward requirements on the city's boiler and industrial furnace remediation work.

First, the target for the full year to complete the remediation boiler remediation tasks. DiBiao transformation of ultra-low emissions before the end of the year, the city's 2 sets of 35 tons of steam / hour or phase-out coal-fired boilers clean energy alternative to complete 2 sets of 75 tons of steam / h coal-fired boiler and 1 biomass boiler, completed 6 low nitrogen gas-fired combustion units transformation. Phase out coal-fired boilers to consolidate existing achievements regulation to prevent 20 tons of steam / hour resurgence of small coal-fired boilers.

Second, accelerate industrial furnace remediation. This year, the city's 32 industrial furnaces in accordance with the "out of a group, instead of a number, a number of governance" principle fully complete the comprehensive remediation tasks, promote the upgrading of industrial furnace and pollution reduction. And products of coal, petroleum coke, residual oil, heavy oil as the fuel of a heating furnace, heat treatment furnace, a drying furnace (kiln) and the like, according to cut-off high-pollution fuel combustion zone management requirements, the use of clean energy and heat plants, district heating Alternatively heat or the like.

Scheme requires 20 December, the district town organize and complete acceptance of the unit boiler and industrial furnace remediation tasks. Boilers have been removed embodiment physical treatment, use can not be recovered; coal-fired boilers use gas, electricity, light oil clean energy and stable operation of a month or more. Gas-fired low-NOx combustion transformation, the transformation of ultra low emission biomass boilers and coal-fired power boiler ultra-low emission transformation, to have construction contracts and construction unit transformation, after the completion of the transformation have qualified environment monitoring report. After the renovation of industrial furnaces to natural gas, electricity, light oil clean energy, the furnace can not be used and the coal and its products. Boiler and industrial furnace remediation in line with production safety regulations.

Gas fired tube boiler manufacturer manufacturers need to meet the conditions of the gas boiler which has more advantages and therefore the choice of enterprises and institutions have competed in use, while focusing on gas-fired boiler users more of a focus on gas-fired boiler manufacturers, want to choose more use many advantages of gas-fired boilers, gas boilers must first examine the manufacturers which have good quality assurance, select the qualifications are met manufacturers have more effective quality assurance boiler. So gas boiler manufacturers need to comply with what conditions it? 1: First of all need to have a boiler manufacturing license user depends on whether the part of the formal business of the companies in the study of gas boiler manufacturers, boiler manufacturers are regular need to have the boiler manufacturing license issued by the State Administration of Quality Supervision and Licensing to mass production within the range, but also to comply with the specific license conditions of boiler and pressure vessel manufacturing. 2: with professional boiler manufacturing technology another gas boiler manufacturers also need to have a professional boiler manufacturing technology, strong technical professional R & D team can accomplish more favorable production conditions, but also equipped with adequate standardized metrology or inspection staff and professional designers. And all boiler manufacturing personnel need to hold the relevant parties to official documents induction of production, such as some professional welding and cutting technology requires the holder to operate. 3: a professional testing equipment into the gas boiler manufacturers formal production in order to detect the quality of each production step, requires the use of boiler manufacturing Chi Metallographic examination device detects quality through the long, hot , power, electrical detection standard measurement equipment, and be detected by the processing equipment or instrumentation sample various shocks so that all the product gas boiler manufacturers to meet quality standards. In summary, the need is small series of three conditions are met for everyone tells gas boiler manufacturers, of course, this is only important content-related conditions, except in addition companies need to have a professional processing tools and large production environment conditions, of course, industry-leading manufacturer of gas-fired boilers will be trained professional production staff boilers, so that each link can be made more reliable guarantee perfect quality of the boiler.

Nitrogen oxides are classified into fuel type, heat type and rapid type according to the formation mechanism. The fuel type is generated by an oxidation reaction of nitrogen inherent in the fuel itself, and the heat type is combustion in which nitrogen in the air is oxidized at a high temperature, and rapid NOx generation is less. Understand the principle of nitrogen oxide formation in fired tube boiler manufacturer operation, and we can start to reduce the formation of nitrogen oxides from these aspects.