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atmospheric pressure tea boiler

In China, industrial atmospheric pressure tea boilers is an important thermal power equipment, is widely used in power plants, building heating, agro-processing and other fields. Reform and opening up, especially since the new century, with the rapid development of national economy, the development of industrial boilers in China has made considerable progress. Up to now, China is still the world's industrial boiler production and use than any other country.

After the customer has determined the fuel, combined with the basic parameters (steam temperature, steam pressure, feed water temperature, etc.), the atmospheric pressure tea boiler can be selected. In this way, the boiler body prices can be roughly calculated. The prices of accessories needs to be determined by the brand and performance of the auxiliary machine. Boiler transportation costs account for a relatively small amount, mainly determined by transportation methods and transportation areas.

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Third, small footprint

Coal-fired boilers need to open up space for a large number of coal resources stored in advance.