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condensing boiler problems

In early 2019, Xingtai City, Hebei Province, air pollution control for industrial enterprises, to develop the relevant regulations. Mainly for the protection and improvement of the atmospheric environment, prevention of air pollution and protect public health, promote the construction of ecological civilization, and promote the development of sustainable economic and social development goals.

First, according to the national industrial policy, Hebei Province, strict control of new construction, renovation, expansion of iron and steel, cement, plate glass, synthetic chemical pharmaceuticals, non-ferrous metal smelting, building ceramics, chemicals and other industrial projects.

Iron and steel, cement, plate glass, synthetic chemical pharmaceuticals, non-ferrous metal smelting, building ceramics, chemicals and other key industries cleaner production audits in accordance with law, the use of advanced clean production technologies, processes and equipment.

Urban area, high above emissions in key industries around the ecological red line in the control area, high-pollution projects should be gradual relocation, renovation or restructuring, exit.

Air pollution insurance companies encourage heavy environmental pollution liability insurance.

Second, the city and county (city, district) people's government may take their overall economic efficiency sorting, etc., specific measures for serious overcapacity in the industry, the atmosphere of heavily polluting enterprises, the differential credit, the difference is the price of water, different gas prices, punitive tariffs, etc. .

Third, the industrial concentration area should develop cogeneration and district heating, heat unified solution. In addition to centralized district heating and combined heat and power, waste incineration and biomass power generation project, the city's ban on new or expanded high-polluting fuel for power plants, ban high-pollution fuel combustion zone ban on new construction, expansion-owned high-polluting fuel boiler heat supporting units supply station.

Boiler for industrial production should reach atmospheric pollutant emission standards set by the State and the boiler Hebei and marked fuel requirements and atmospheric pollutant emission control targets.

Fourth, industrial enterprises store coal, cement, lime, sand and other materials easy to produce pollution should take sealed enclosure, cover, cleaning, watering and other measures to prevent dust pollution.

Fifth, iron and steel, petroleum, nonferrous metals, electric power, coke, construction materials, metallurgy, chemical and other industrial enterprises in the production process emissions of dust, nitrogen oxides and sulfides, shall adopt cleaner production processes, supporting the construction dust removal, desulfurization, denitration apparatus, or take other measures to control the emission of air pollutants like transformation.

Advantages and disadvantages of condensing condensing boiler problems: You are in Chengdu every winter will be cold northern winter into the dog you are warm, southern winter without central heating on cold do not, but as people's economic level? South home improvement to warm also give us a warm, people in the choice of heating at the same time, we are faced with the choice of products and companies. Chengdu beauty of the comforts of home heating will give you the warmth of sunlight. The boiler is a very important role in heating, just as the heart of the heating system.

Adhering to the development concept of "energy saving, high efficiency and environment friendly", ZBG has produced a series of green environmental condensing boiler problemss. And our products have been exported to more than 80 countries and areas, such as South Korea, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, India, Thailand, Iran, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Mexico, Columbia, Costa Rica, etc.

Factors affecting gas heating condensing boiler problems heating effect of current, in the northern region will be frequently used gas heating boilers, but the heating is not often phenomenon in the course of its use, the impact on the local normal production and life activities, it appears that the reason for the phenomenon, according to Jane analysis of practical experience, mostly for the following reasons: a heat source results in (1) If in the course of boiler operation, the emergence of a water shortage and because the system did not replenish the phenomenon will lead to backwater low pressure, circulation is not smooth. (2) If the circulating pump and the actual operating conditions are incompatible, for example, less traffic will lead to a large number of users can not quickly get hot. (3) low thermal efficiency of the boiler or boiler failure will result in a lower boiler heating effect. (4) heat exchanger improper selection, does not regulate the use of lead to fouling of heat release and can not be fully utilized, this still happens. Second example heating network cause clogging of the pipeline network; poor insulation; aging pipeline; heating distance reasons, to adjust the balance of the entire network distance, it is necessary to limit the flow near-end user, such as controlling the opening degree of the branch valve too small, causing the proximal not heat and other factors will lead to uneven heating phenomenon. Of course, there will be factors affecting water quality problems, building heating area of ‚Äč‚Äčinternal systems, as well as man-made unreasonable operations and other factors will affect the heating effect gas heating boiler. Want to solve this problem to a large extent, we need details on this feature, do the standard specification adjustments to ensure reasonable compliance of the operation and running, it would be more better.