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Agent 4t Steam Boiler Latvia

Combustion gas, which has several agent 4t steam boiler latvia 1, flameless combustion: the air which has been uniformly mixed with the fuel gas prior to combustion gas required, the excess air ratio is equal to a coefficient of excess air for complete combustion of the fuel, not required in the combustion process from the surrounding oxygen in the air to obtain, after the combustion gas and air mixture reaches the combustion zone can be completed in an instant. 2, the diffusion combustion: gas heating boiler fuel gas and air interdiffusion nozzle openings, and combustion. Shao Shao stability advantages, the structure of appliance is simple, but the flame is longer, easy to produce incomplete combustion and carbonization of the heated area. 3, premixed combustion: gas heating boiler burner usually used such combustion, a portion of the pre-combustion air is mixed in advance with the gas (primary air excess coefficient between 0.2-0.8), followed by combustion. The advantage is clear combustion flame, combustion strengthened, high thermal efficiency, but the unstable combustion, the primary control of high combustible component and air requirements.

Combustion characteristics and steam operation of agent 4t steam boiler latvias

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