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10t Diesel Boiler Price

The meeting of "open innovation, create brilliant" as the theme, highlighting the fast 10t diesel boiler price open to innovation-oriented, and look forward to dealers around the partners jointly casting a bright future for the fast side of tomorrow's development goals. Mr. Lu Haigang president issued a welcome speech, reviewed the party and lead the fast group since its inception, all the way through the clutter, to ride, to now become a memorable moment every premier industry leader in the clean boiler market.

Henan run gas 10t diesel boiler price Q & A (III) 1. Henan boiler water wall type of gas main, which has several? A: (1) a tubular water-cooled wall light; (2) membrane wall; (3) water-cooled wall inner walls of the helical groove; (4) a pin-type water-cooled wall (also called stab waterwall tubes). Such water wall surface of the light pipe is required over a certain length of the welding bar, and to facilitate the laying of refractory material is fixed. Mainly used a slagging combustor zone, and certain solid slagging cyclone furnace 2 furnace. Henan role bullnose gas boiler are those? A: (1) increasing the length of the horizontal flue. Because the bullnose is extending into the furnace equivalent to an increase of the horizontal flue bullnose length. Thus, it is possible without increasing the depth of the boiler, the arrangement of the superheater heating surface more. (2) improve the heat transfer effect of the platen superheater. The flue gas from the vertical to the platen superheater in the absence of the bullnose, lateral erosion, erosion to the landscape, increased convective heat transfer effect. (3) increase the flue gas in the furnace so that the fullness of the flue gas distribution in the height direction of the combustion chamber tends to be uniform. Increasing the furnace so that an upper water-cooled wall and roof before the superheater heat absorption. 3. How to structure the bottom of the steam heating apparatus, Henan gas boiler? A: The device is placed along the length of the lower header tank steel in the second line, opened on the pipe holes 5mm diameter (number of holes corresponding to the number of the water wall) and connected to the steam pipe introducing foreign when administered with, intake air is controlled by a valve. 4. ? Principle Henan natural gas-fired boiler circulation is like A: Steel furnace in the cold state, full of inner drum water level elevation below the water evaporation system is stationary. When the tube is heated in the boiler rises, part of the water vapor is generated, forming a mixture of a less dense soda. While the heated downcomer outside the furnace. Water denser tube. In this way both the density difference effect arises impetus, soda mixture flows upward in the water wall, after the header, the catheter into the drum, the downcomer from the drum to the flow of water downwardly through the second line added to the water wall tank, so that the continuous circular flow. The formation of a natural cycle. 5. What is the circulation rate in Henan gas boiler? A: The amount of water entering the recycle loop and the riser G ratio D of the amount of steam at the outlet of the riser pipe is called the cycle rate. 6. The main fault Henan natural gas-fired boiler circulation are those? A: The main fault of the natural circulation circulation stagnation, back, soft drinks stratification, down pipe with gas and boiling heat transfer deterioration. 7. Henan gas boiler water circulation back at what happens? What's the harm? A: The water cycle back phenomenon occurred in the riser direct introduction of steam drum water space, as well as its weight when heated weak pressure differential is greater than the common circuit and the tube. When the vapor bubbles back up the tube with water down flow velocity close, the bubble will not be taken away, stagnant or slow moving state of bubbles increases gradually gathered, vapor-lock is formed, this temperature rise or wall alternating wall temperature, or over-temperature resulting in fatigue failure.

Gas in the gas-fired hot water 10t diesel boiler price, what can be specific? Is it an economical boiler variety? Gas in gas-fired hot water boiler, in specific terms, is natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, city gas and biogas, and so on, through burners to heat water, so as to provide hot water for life and bath. Because the boiler has the advantages of heating block and low noise, and it can realize intelligent operation, it is a kind of economical boiler.

Operational matters to be noted in the use of steam 10t diesel boiler prices

Steam boiler in use should be very careful, because a little bad pool will bring harm to the person, so in the operation should be more cautious, understand the use of steam boiler instructions, clear points for attention in the process of operation. Based on many years of practical experience, the editor summarizes the operational matters that need to be noted in the use of steam boilers as follows: