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parameters of boiler 135 mw

Jingdong, typical Chinese-style self-employed business enterprise, has its Jingdong Mall, Jingdong financial, Jingdong intelligence department. May 2014 in the US Nasdaq stock exchange officially listed. 2018 "Fortune" Global 500 list of the 181. Fast parameters of boiler 135 mw, A-class boiler manufacturing unit, Class 1 boiler installation company, more than 20 years dedicated to the development of clean fuel energy equipment, manufacturing and sales. The introduction of low nitrogen emission boiler is the first time in a market-oriented approach using FGR technology products, as guardian of the "APEC blue" gave their part.

The difference between water-tube parameters of boiler 135 mws and fire tube boilers What is the difference between water-tube boilers and fire tube boiler heating surface is what water tube boiler arrangement more convenient. But demand for higher quality and operational levels, good heat transfer performance, the structure can be used for large-capacity, high-parameter condition, water demand and water tube boilers. Fire-tube boiler because of its small capacity for small tonnage of the boiler. Fire tube boiler was developed on the basis of the advantages of the boiler water and fire tube, it has the advantages of both. Simple structure fire tube boiler, water, a large volume of steam, the adaptability of the load changes, requires less than quality water tube boiler. Currently on the market fire tube (boiler shell) boiler. Compact boilers and pipes buried heating boiler (fire tube). Generally made fast loading boiler, water tube boiler may also be small-capacity loading boiler made fast, easy to transport and on-site installation. 10 tons rarely used water tube boiler, water tube boiler water quality requirements are higher, heating, high thermal efficiency, large quantities of steam, the high boiler quality requirements fire tube, a small heating area, low thermal efficiency, compact structure, small volume, easy to maintain and repair.

However, when the pressure in the water-tube parameters of boiler 135 mw is increased, the difference between the densities of the water and saturated steam falls, consequently less circulation occurs. To keep the same level of steam output at higher design pressures, the distance between the lower drum and the steam drum must be increased, or some means of forced circulation must be introduced.

How to diagnose dry gas steam parameters of boiler 135 mw accidents have occurred when the minimum level of water shortage is already highly delineated, but still be able to see the water level gauge in height, is slightly dry; when the water level was observed not see the water meter height, severe water shortages. In summary the following signs such as: (1) less than the height of the water drum water delineated reasonable height; (2) ultra-low water alarm, automatic warning sounds, warning light flash from; (3) the temperature of superheated steam vapor increased; ( 4) enter unreasonable water, less water vapor flow; (5) the temperature of the flue gas emissions of water vapor increases.