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wet back hot water boiler

(3) When the gas pressure is too high, there will be fire off phenomenon, or even an explosion in the furnace, so the burner must be run in the design of gas pressure, high or low should start cutting device. At present, the domestic gas boilers and ancillary burner are imported, high degree of automation, not only with high and low pressure gas controller, and equipped with an automatic leak detection controller (before ignition, furnace purge process, leak control automatic valve on the gas leak detection system);

Combustion gas boiler firing was successful adjustment, the load can be adjusted into normal operation, this time, should always observe the combustion furnace, in time for the amount of steam, air flow, steam pressure to be adjusted to ensure safe and economic operation of the boiler.

"Fast boiler furnace designed larger, flue gas recirculation provides a reliable guarantee of space. In the burner head design of the special role of combustion, high temperature flame at the outlet of the flue gas interference, be it in the furnace again achieve full combustion cycle (inner loop). this design helps fast boiler leading domestic level in boiler technology, ultra-low nitrogen oxide, the recent large-tonnage party fast brand integrated condensing boiler successful signing in Beijing, and successfully help China build the APEC summit venue. "Fang boiler fast technical director, said.

In addition, each module is equipped with a boiler ventilation regulator, each module is running, the regulator opens the ventilation, when the module does not participate in the cycle, the regulator will turn off ventilation, thus avoiding the residual heat in the furnace standby module of loss. Further, the boiler furnace wall of each module has heat insulation layer, the maximum prevent heat loss in the furnace. After measurement, single boiler module boiler than 1% of the savings in fuel costs.