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about boiler in textile

Especially for the high sulfur content, it can reduce the CO2 emission through add limestone inthe about boiler in textile. It also can reduce the cauterization to the boiler and pollution to the environment. Moreover, the dust can be the mixing material for the cement.

After normal about boiler in textile outage, why should the use of natural buck? Since the saturated water vapor having a certain temperature under a certain pressure, when the pressure change, the saturated water and saturated steam temperature change accordingly. If the boiler shutdown pressure drops too fast, the saturated water and saturated steam temperature dropped significantly. Due to the high rate of change of pressure saturation temperature at a lower pressure, because the saturated vapor in contact with the drum wall, the lower wall in contact with saturated water vapor than the thermal conductivity of water is large, the heat accumulator drum lower wall water to pass quickly the drum wall at a temperature close to the saturation temperature at the new pressure after the pressure drop, and poor heat transfer walls of the drum to maintain a higher temperature, the drum wall temperature is higher than the wall temperature, the faster the vapor pressure drop, the drum, the greater the temperature difference between the lower wall. Simultaneously vapor pressure decreased too fast, which also decreases the saturation temperature corresponding to accelerate the wall temperature waterwall, economizer header and the faster decline, due to the rapid cooling, the contraction will have a great thermal stress, local joint, at the weld easy to crack, so the boiler outage to take normal blood pressure naturally. When the normal flame boiler shutdown, soft drinks all doors should be closed, closing dampers, Manhole the boiler is in the closed state, allowed to cool down.

Gas hot water about boiler in textile room design should pay attention to what? Generally, out of consideration for the protection of the operational life of the boiler, the boiler operation and safety of the boiler. Boiler room also needs to do a reasonable design, then this process should pay attention to what point? (1) boiler room early in the design field to be filled boiler understand the specific needs, as well as user and the company agreed to install demand, the boiler installation regulations and so on. (2) the design of the boiler room to take into account the relative position of water and gas source, a reasonable layout and piping erection is necessary to consider. (3) Further, in the boiler room of the design process, taking into account the tonnage of the boiler is actually required, the number of boilers and other units, to accommodate standard boiler considerations. In short, the purpose of setting the boiler room is too out of consideration for the safe operation of the boiler, as well as management, and therefore should strictly follow the prescribed procedures and boiler aspects of relevant laws and regulations to implement.

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