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industrial rice boiler

For just heating area, fast Boiler existing industrial rice boiler plant up to 1 ton of hot water boiler supply 10,000 square meters of heating area. If the time for large centralized residential or heating company, the heating area is too large, we would recommend a gas pipe hot water boiler for you.

2. 10 tons of coal-fired steam industrial rice boiler

In many areas, due to environmental pollution caused by coal-fired boilers, restrictions on coal-fired boilers began. However, due to the development of clean coal-fired technology and the richness of coal-fired resources, the use of coal-fired boilers is more convenient. The coal-fired boilers produced by ZG boiler have excellent environmental performance and customers can choose according to their needs.

Third, do water quality management

Careful maintenance of the boiler operators will have to do from the outside in, water quality management is also an important step in the maintenance of low nitrogen gas boiler. If the boiler water concentration is too high, it will lead to false water level phenomenon, resulting in the boiler does not work. Therefore, operators also need to strengthen water quality management and take preventive measures, so it is more conducive to long-term maintenance of low nitrogen gas boiler.

Beiqi Panther car 6 tons of steam condensing one fuel gas steam industrial rice boiler project has been successfully completed. This series boiler adopt advanced design concepts, using the waste heat of flue gas cascade, with the use of the condenser and the economizer fully absorb the waste heat in the flue gas, the boiler efficiency has been greatly improved.