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Recently, Zhenghuai Co., Ltd. successfully built two 90t/h medium-temperature medium-pressure circulating fluidized bed power station china cfb boiler manufacturerss for Pangang Group to pass the assessment and acceptance. From the "furnace treatment" to the "heat reduction within the furnace", it has become a 116MW energy-saving circulating fluidized bed hot water boiler and a 75t/h pollution-reducing circulating fluidized bed boiler. Another masterpiece after the star products such as 150t/h energy-saving circulating fluidized bed power station boilers.

Steam china cfb boiler manufacturers is one of the indispensable devices in the pharmaceutical industry, decoction of Chinese medicine, medicine drying, sterilization, cooking gum, drying, tabletting and capsule production processes, a large amount of steam will be used. West Libang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a pharmaceutical research and development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises, the existing anesthesia, cardiovascular, child immunization, pharmaceutical raw materials, pharmaceutical excipients, nutrition series of six automated production lines. With the increasing strength of China's environmental protection, some high-pollution devices are making the transition to clean environmental protection. Libang Pharmaceutical respond positively to national coal to gas policy, decided to change the existing coal-fired boilers to clean better gas steam boiler. Fast boiler with strong comprehensive strength in the field of clean energy, Libang Pharmaceutical after conducting comprehensive consideration, determined to cooperate with the fast boiler. The two sides further understanding, party fast technical engineers according to production needs state power, and soon its development of specific solutions for its recommendation of a 6 tons of steam condensing gas steam boiler (WNS6-1.25-Y.Q).

D type oil fired horizontal china cfb boiler manufacturers for sale in Australia

Oil fired boiler D type in Australia

Boiler heat china cfb boiler manufacturers thermodynamic inequality unevenness is generated in the same group of heating surface, the phenomenon of uneven heat load. Thermal variation caused by the structural characteristics of both, can also be caused by operating conditions. The uneven distribution of the phenomenon of uneven speed and smoke along the width of the smoke flue temperature; serpentine planar heating surface unevenness caused by uneven pitch fumes or corridor; heating surface fouling, slagging furnace flame deflection center; run to adjust the flame so bad skewed, down, raise, etc., will cause uneven heat. (L) reaches a rated steam parameters and ensure stable operation. (2) to ensure stable ignition, combustion central appropriate, uniform distribution of the flame, the device does not burn, to avoid fouling and coke. (3) the boiler and crew safe operation under the most economical conditions.