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energy-saving steam output and horizontal style steam boiler

Hot water boiler is one of the important equipment for the district to provide our real estate company, and two gas hot water provide the fast boiler boiler flotilla of environmental performance, in full compliance with state regulations after smoke was detected in the rear of the boiler. And boiler operation is safe, stable, we use the very at ease. --customer feedback

Steam drum is mixed in the presence of water and steam, the steam cooling rate is slower than the cooling rate of water, there is a difference in both the cooling rate, the temperature difference resulting in upper and lower walls drum. Typically, during the cooling phase of the boiler, the temperature difference between the two should not exceed 50 ℃, wherein the principle you thin to small series.

CFB Circulating Fluidized Bed Coal Fired Boiler Features

1. Circulating fluidized bed boiler is of low temperature combustion, therefore, nitrogen oxides emissions of such boiler is much lower than that of coal-powder boiler, and such boiler could directly desulfurized during combustion process. Circulating fluidized bed boiler with high desulfuriation rate is economical.

2. Circulating fluidized bed boiler could adopt various coal types and has high combustion efficiency, which is especially suitable for low quality, low calorific value coal.

3. The ash of circulating fluidized bed boiler is of high activity, thus it s easy to realized comprehensive utilization without secondary pollution.

Water pressure test must be carried out before operation of oil-gas boiler

Whether it is a steam boiler or a hot water boiler, after the boiler is installed, a hydrostatic test (ie, water pressure) must be performed. Because of long-distance handling, loading and unloading, installation, it is inevitable that collision and damage, through the water pressure test can find the boiler defects and take appropriate measures in time to ensure the boiler operation safety. The following is an example of a fuel gas boiler water pressure test: