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Factory Price Boiler 10t Uzbekistan

Since natural gas was discovered and mined later to clean and green, sulfur-free, dust and other harmful substances known, widely respected and use. Compared with conventional coal-fired, heat up the value of the price quite, but natural gas is clean, effectively extending the equipment life, lower maintenance costs later maintenance expenses, and gradually replace coal-fired factory price boiler 10t uzbekistans.

Description of factory price boiler 10t uzbekistan equipment installation, alteration and repair of boiler equipment, renovation and repair :( a) shall be invited to use the boiler has been made in special equipment (boiler) installation, alteration, repair permit unit installation, alteration, maintenance boiler and urge them to go through the procedures to notify municipal quality and technical supervision departments before construction. (B) boiler installation, alteration and maintenance procedures, inspection bodies must be approved by the State Special Equipment Supervision, Inspection and supervision departments in accordance with law; without qualified supervision and inspection of boilers shall not be delivered. (C) the maintenance of the boiler into the general maintenance and major repairs. It refers to overhaul the boiler overhaul pressing member, typically comprising: a boiler drum, hearth, reburn chamber, the sealing head, top tube plate, replacing the main compression member, as the foot ring, a header, desuperheater, outer steam separators. Tube is greater than the number of such heating surface heating surface (heating surface superheater classified by more than 10% less than the main duct 20 (including a main steam pipe, the main pipe, the cold reheat steam pipe segment, a reheat steam hot leg pipe, etc.) more than 10%). A plurality of directors (including a main steam pipe, the main pipe, the reheat steam segment, Wall, convection bank, tobacco pipes, etc.) (4) boiler installation, alteration, after maintenance and inspection, replace the tubing set bend tee pipe replacement, excavation and repair, and the repair of girth welds. The expanded tube was replaced with 10 parts. (Iv) boiler installation, alteration, after maintenance, has passed the supervision and inspection. Use the construction unit shall return the relevant technical documents and construction quality certification material promptly deposited in the boiler safety technology file.

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How gas factory price boiler 10t uzbekistan can be cleaned

Gas boiler cleaning method is very important; the boiler by long-term operation, inevitably presents scale, corrosion problems, constitute the primary reason is the scale of the boiler feed water with hardness components, high temperature, high pressure continuously concentrated by evaporation of the future, in the furnace episode series of physical, chemical reactions, heating surface eventually form the hard, fine scale, resulting in decreased heat exchanger and the effect due to corrosion under the scale factors, will lead to reduced boiler waterwall furnace heat absorption, the boiler furnace exit temperature of the addition, the Add missing boiler. Together after the transfer of heat to reduce fouling in the water wall, water wall tube wall temperature may lead to adding water wall lead to burst pipes, boiler affect safe operation.