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fired tube hot water boiler

Customer Service Manager to show the party fast self-developed cloud services 3.0 system, customer management, manufacturing orders, tracking shipments, commissioning monitoring, data analysis, development of online features such as warranty, the boiler has become a "butler." For the convenience of the user to monitor operation of the boiler, combine mobile phone user habits, to invest in developing mobile client APP, to achieve fault repair, maintenance reminders, data entry, work order tracking and other functions, allowing users real-time dynamic control of the boiler.

The water circulation of the double horizontal tube water tube boiler is divided into two parts: one part is the water circulation of the convection tube bundle between the upper and lower horizontal pots; the other part is the water circulation by the water wall tube around the furnace, wherein the water in the front and rear water wall tubes The steam-water mixture directly enters the upper drum, and the steam-water mixture in the water-cooled wall pipes on both sides enters the upper drum through the upper header and the steam guiding tube. The water in each water wall tube is supplied by a down pipe drawn from the lower drum.

Common boiler accident reconstruction of the boiler parse (ii) transformation in full swing boiler, then occurs during boiler in the boiler for the original or the transformation of the new boiler or a boiler accident always happens like that, and the boiler water accident It is one of them. Boiler water causes of accidents, small series that roughly divided into the following: (1) in the boiler during operation due to improper operation, the detector elements of the boiler water level meter, flow meter and other damage, and the deviation of the detection result mislead fireman operation. Process (2) during the discharge of the boiler, blowdown improper control due to the long, or damage to components of sewage, sewage systems causing abnormal operation, resulting in the boiler water shortages. (3) failure to run the boiler feed water systems, boiler water allocation imbalance can also cause water shortages occur boiler. For the above, Xiaobian that should act decisively, the right medicine. Timely boiler water level gauge, flow meter and other boiler components and related systems operational overhaul and maintenance to ensure its normal operation; In addition, fireman should be trained expertise, while developing strict regulations to ensure that the boiler run the risk of falls to a lower level. Of course, every reason boiler operation anomalies or run accident has its occurrence, to reflect the revised timely, really do take preventive measures to ensure the stability, security and efficiency of boiler operation.

I often hear the term such as the heating surface of the boiler. What is the heating surface? Which part of the boiler does it mean? Let's talk about the heating surface of a gas boiler. The gas boiler is a thermal energy supply device that meets the national environmental protection requirements. Widely used in food, printing and dyeing, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. As a mechanical device, good maintenance can extend the life of the equipment, so be sure to know the name of each part, the name and location of each term in the maintenance.