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0.7mw-70mw advanced coal hot water szl boiler

You have to know the energy consumption of 0.7mw-70mw advanced coal hot water szl boiler problems (flue gas oxygen content) 1, reasons 1.1 boiler leakage problems may increase the furnace exit of excess air ratio. 1.2 preheater leakage large. 1.3 or coal boiler load changes, wind, dust adjustment is not timely. 1.4 auxiliary burner throttle opening degree command deviations. 1.5 burner type, operation mode unreasonable. 1.6 determine the optimum boiler oxygen value is not accurate. 1.7 oxygen inaccurate measurements. 2, measures to address the problem of operational measures 2.1 2.1.1 Check to see if the fire door, be sure to close tight. 2.1.2 appropriate control the furnace pressure, amount of air leakage reduction furnace. 2.1.3 boiler load, when the quality variation, adjusting one, two air flow to maintain the optimal oxygen amount boiler control value. 2.1.4 maintain the normal water level in the water seal bottom, bottom to reduce the amount of air leakage. 2.2 carry out leakage test and damper characteristics before and after the test boiler maintenance routine maintenance and testing 2.2.1. 2.2.2 adjusted to optimize the combustion tests, the optimum value of oxygen boilers. 2.2.3 regularly test the air preheater leakage, provide the basis for air leakage control. 2.2.4 Periodic calibration of oxygen measuring devices to ensure the accuracy of measurement. 2.2.5 timely check and adjust the position of Flue Gas baffle system (such as: an auxiliary burner class inspection throttle opening degree, etc.), the identify problems in time. 2.3 2.3.1 downtime and a wear liner release duct, deformation, cracks, wear inspection process. 2.3.2 flue pressure test done to check the tightness of handling the leaking part. 2.3.3 flue damper position, the opening degree of chipping, deformation, loose seal, astringent card check process. 2.3.4 corrected assist air and the fuel damper flap opening position. 2.3.5 boiler, air preheater Leakage leak plugging. boiler: furnace wall, roof sealing, see the fire holes, Manhole, bottom sealing plate is deformed, corrosion and tank leakage inspection process. air preheater seal gap measurement adjustment, the deformation of the sector plate and curved plate, wear control check, the sealing gap adjustment mechanism inspection process. 2.4 2.4.1 transformation and a duct liner wear loose, deformation, cracks, wear inspection process, replacement, and a bluff body concentrator ceramic sheet, and silicon carbide wear measures. 2.4.2 boiler, air preheater, leakage leak plugging treatment. 2.4.3 the internal structure and the sealing means to transform the preheater, reducing air leakage. 2.4.4 boiler, flue joints and other advanced seal plastic material, to reduce leakage.

Recently, Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, the municipal government issued "on the issuance of Shaoxing new coastal air quality standards carry special action program" (the "Notice"). "Notification" is mentioned: a ban on new biomass 0.7mw-70mw advanced coal hot water szl boilers, nine companies continued to promote the transformation of low-nitrogen gas boiler.

4. The built-up area to carry out bulk coal campaigns to strengthen the use of bulk coal production and life behavior of businesses and residents a comprehensive investigation and persuasion, to ban briquette production and sales, and increase legal coal quality supervision, strict penalties for substandard coal burning behavior.

2. carry out an intensive investigation, the establishment of various types of industrial furnaces inventory management, development of industrial furnaces depth remediation, complete elimination of the task assigned by the city. Strictly implement the relevant emissions regulations, can not reach the relevant requirements, the implementation of cut-off regulation.

3. Conduct brick kiln depth remediation, strict implementation of emission standards, enhance on-site inspection of law enforcement, monitoring, focus on examination of the "three simultaneous" implementation and pollutant emissions, on-site monitoring of the discharge port sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, particulate matter and other pollutants .

Winery method which reduce pollution 1, check for leakage protection and maintenance of: 2 mm steam leakage will cause energy losses of more than 10 tons of coal each year do? When you do not use it, you can turn it off to save energy. For water, steam and compressed air leak survey and routine maintenance, cost very little. 2, the non-contact cooling water in repeated use: Since the non-contact cooling water temperature and the quality is very good, it can be reused for desizing, scouring, rinsing and other processes. Three best source of cooling water is regenerated: sintering machine, a pre-link and compressor systems. The plant water recovery system may be installed, pipes, valves, storage tanks, and control systems. 3, repeated use of steam condensate: S. Mills requires a lot of saturated steam in the dyeing process, wherein a portion of the condensate is converted to its high temperature and purity. Water can be pumped back to the 0.7mw-70mw advanced coal hot water szl boiler to form a new steam. For those who buy steam from suppliers, or boiler is located away from the dyeing process, the condensate can be used as water washing or desizing. 4, pre-treated wastewater reuse Procedure collected bleaching, mercerizing machine, the water can be reused in other programs, there is no direct discharge of wastewater. 5, hot wash water is recovered from the hot gas in the dyeing process, large amounts of hot water are used to wash. Heat the washing water can be collected by the system plate heat exchanger to preheat the water to be sent to the next washing. 6, pre-screened coal enterprises should introduce screening spiral coal boiler technology to selection of raw materials. It is possible to improve the media tell the good, the bad quality of proportion, to avoid loss of small volumes of coal and coal calorific value. 7, maintaining steam traps traps can help maintain effective delivery of the steam plant. The valve is removed from the steam pipe and prevent further condensation water, so as to avoid heat loss and reduce fuel consumption. 8, the piping, valves and heat insulated flange experience pipes, valves and flanges waste of resources, reducing efficiency. Steam delivery device insulated to prevent vapor loss is an inexpensive, energy-saving method of .9, the heat recovery from the boiler chimney at a temperature of 360 ℃ smoking, sometimes discharged directly into the atmosphere, there is no heat recovery. In fact, this heat can be used to preheat boiler water, steam or create a new steam system. 10, optimization of compressed air systems consume a large amount of compressed air in many parts of the winemaking equipment Mills. These instruments are prone to leakage, particularly in a threaded joint, rubber joints, valves, automatic regulator, the inflatable device and the old gasket. In addition, the use of compressed air pressure is usually based on the maximum pressure setting; reduce this pressure is feasible and would not have any negative impact manufacturing.

Small steam 0.7mw-70mw advanced coal hot water szl boilers will be fully modernized popular in the market after the 1980s, China's economy has undergone rapid changes in boiler industry is more prominent, national boiler manufacturing companies increased by nearly 1/2, small steam boilers will be fully prevalent in the modern market, and It can be formed independent development of generation after generation of new products. Small steam boiler is the era of economic development indispensable commodity, what the future will bring, but is well worth study. Group mainly used for small industrial R & D and production of small steam boiler, as far as we know, much higher production of small steam boiler manufacturers of small steam boiler prices, leading to small industrial input costs are also high, so many customers stay away, we had to continue small traditional steam boilers. Small steam boilers will be fully popular us on this cost, has been doing research experiments, and finally developed a small steam boilers for small industrial production process used at the beginning of 2017, we produced a small overall structure of the steam boiler Unlike other steam boilers in the modern market , through our special processing technology, the structure of the entire boiler changes, the use of safer, lower operating costs, more cost savings for small industry owners. Small steam boilers will be fully prevalent in the modern market, the Group's how we analyze the energy industry Riding out the following four points:? First, in terms of environmental protection, small steam boiler burning material is primarily natural gas, natural gas is a now clean energy, without waste combustion, the exhaust gases, as compared to coal, oil and other energy sources have a safe, high calorific value, clean and other advantages. Small steam boilers will be fully prevalent in the modern market two small steam boiler from a safety point of view is generally aspirated pipeline, the use of gas pressure units pre-tuned, fuel combustion more fully, the boiler is stable. Third, the thermal efficiency perspective, a small part of a steam boiler steam boiler pressure, since the connection within the furnace condensing system, the exhaust gas temperature is less than 110 deg.] C, operating thermal efficiency of 93%. Fourth, the use of the economic point of view, since the small water capacity of less than 30 liters steam boiler, from cold start to 5 minutes to produce saturated steam, warm-up time is greatly reduced, saving energy. Automatic intelligent operation, no fireman guard, eliminating salary expenses. Small steam boilers will be fully prevalent in the modern market is not difficult to see that the future prospects for the development of small steam boiler is very broad, because it is a vertical, small, small footprint, easy installation, small steam boiler to replace the traditional small excellent product steam boiler.