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Seller Condensing Boiler 4t Kyrgyzstan

Condensing seller condensing boiler 4t kyrgyzstans must immediately solve the problems facing the current problems faced by condensing boilers must be addressed: 1, condensing boilers do not adapt to some of the high-temperature systems, suitable for low-temperature radiant floor heating. 2, condensing boilers require specially designed temperature control system and debugging equipment. 3, the condensed water generally has a slightly acidic, corrosion resistance is required ferritic stainless steel, austenitic stainless steel, aluminum and the like; 4, annual operating time equivalent assessment of investment and recovery period; 5, the condensed water and recycling emissions. 6, power can not be too small, there will backfire, causing an explosion, corrosive wall. (Recommended to choose the power of 35 kilowatts and above)

How energy-efficient use of steam seller condensing boiler 4t kyrgyzstan plant? Today, clean energy boilers have been replaced by high energy consumption and high pollution of small coal-fired boilers. For boiler equipment currently encouraged by the state, we have a common concern: low-nitrogen environment. But in its environmental protection should also be noted that the boiler but also have good energy-saving characteristics. Especially for steam boiler, the boiler is then how to effectively use energy-saving steam it?

"Create convenient seller condensing boiler 4t kyrgyzstan boutique user" is the eternal quick side mission. To this end, we will make unremitting efforts to push the zero defect product quality and service, striving to "China Clean boiler brand"! Let us work together to guard the blue sky!

An adult bathing water per hour in about 0.2 to 0.3 tons, is between 20-30 tons of 100 heads of water per hour. Therefore, only an hour to meet the seller condensing boiler 4t kyrgyzstan to provide hot water between 20-30 tons. Taking into account various factors such as bathing water temperature difference is small, we estimate that 100 bath with a shower head needs about 2 tons bath boiler. If you also need a bath dual-use heating, it is necessary to calculate the actual heating area. You can set your heating and bathing area nozzle inform our online customer service, later, the technician will make a detailed analysis of introduction.