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Boiler Plant Dealer 10t Lithuania

From the current point of view, the development process in condensing boiler plant dealer 10t lithuania technology, durability testing and lifetime heat exchanger of the boiler itself have been fully achieved and improvements.

Fast boiler plant dealer 10t lithuania has a good reputation in the clean boiler industry. Advanced by adding the premix, of FGR flue gas recirculation and condensate recovery technology, so that the heat efficiency of the gas boiler is increased to more than 108%, the fuel combustion in the furnace, for the user to save a lot of fuel input costs.

The basic cause of the vapor pressure changes 1, external disturbances: vapor pressure changes due to changes in external load, said external disturbance, referred to as "external disturbance." When the external load increases, the unit increases the amount of steam, and boiler plant dealer 10t lithuania have not yet adjusted to the new conditions, evaporation boiler will be less than the required amount of steam outside, the material balance is broken, the vapor pressure drop. 2, internal disturbances: the boiler itself due to changes in operating conditions caused by steam pressure changes, said internal disturbance, referred to as "internal disturbance." No changes in the operation of the external steam requirements, due to changes in the boiler and combustion conditions change (e.g., amount of unstable combustion of fuel or air volume change) and pot operating conditions (e.g., the case of transfer), so that the evaporation zone steam production the amount of change, the amount of evaporation material balance between the boiler steam requirement and destruction, so that the vapor pressure changes.

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