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Representation of Water pressure of Electric BoilerThe heating modes of the electric waste incineration are electromagnetic induction heating mode and resistance (electric heating tube) heating mode. The resistance heating mode is divided into stainless steel heating tube electric boiler and ceramic heating tube electric boiler, and the resistance heating mode is divided into stainless steel heating tube electric boiler and ceramic heating tube electric boiler. Resistance heating means the use of resistive tubular heating element heating. The electric boiler is easy to stack and combine in structure, control is flexible, maintenance and replacement is convenient. Because the newly bought electric boiler was not in use, the water pressure was almost zero at first, and the flashing yellow lamp (which was not aware of the fault number at the time and was estimated to be 10 according to common sense later learned) was unable to start. Finally, the black round water filling valve under the electric boiler was found, and the first water filling transition was made. Water leakage, and then the furnace water pressure self-adjusting to 3, but less than 10 minutes after the start of the failure, began to flash red lights, trouble No. 01, the phone consulted the dealer, said that there may be no power. After hanging up the phone, turn on the switch, the fault still exists. Doubting whether the water pressure is too high, so unscrew a set of heat vane above the discharge valve, adjust the water pressure to the accepted 1.2; Plug in the power supply, the red light still flickering, press the following prompt button after 3 seconds, troubleshooting, the system display is normal, so the power boiler restart, OK!

Gas waste incineration "chimney" building requirements

Users of boiler capacity, fuel type, and a series of indicators to determine the emission standards according to their needs after the purchase of the boiler, but also for transportation, installation and commissioning process, from lifting, to installation, to test furnace, which has a lot of skill and attention matter. If mastered the techniques, according to the Installation Precautions reasonable to avoid wrong operation, it will save a lot of manpower and financial resources to users, more importantly, can improve efficiency, extend the life of the boiler.

Emergency treatment and disposal options accident reporting matters oil-fired waste incineration in the previous article we talked about the oil-fired boiler in order to prevent sudden power outage or abnormal in operation (such as voltage exceeds the rated voltage of the device is not working, etc.), without water , external piping rupture emergencies rapid response and processing capabilities, to better protect our interests, to develop emergency disposal plan, in this article we introduce details of its emergency treatment and disposal options accident reporting matters. Fuel boiler accident report and we are working with items that is divided into two parts: the inner tube boiler, pressure hot water boiler occurrence of sudden power, water supply, pipeline rupture accident, each boiler room operators will promptly report the main event of a failure and according to the processing and report the development of a timing failure, emergency personnel and rescue organization. Ask what time the accident occurred, location, site location, the extent of losses, the extent of the disaster and the measures taken. Upload issued, to ensure smooth flow of information. These are the oil-fired boiler emergency disposal plan in the first incident reporting and handling matters hope for your help.

Earlier this year, fast Boiler successful bidder Guan China Fortune Foundation Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Gas waste incineration tender offers to other companies low nitrogen gas pipe 80 tons of steam boilers and steam 40 tons each in Taiwan, with the use of 1.5 million square meters to meet the heating demand. The introduction of various environmental policies throughout the country to improve environmental protection in all walks of life. Among the improvements, the reduction of nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions as the primary problem.